KFT / RFT Cost in Bengaluru

Kidney Function Test is the name given to a group of tests that examine functioning of your kidneys. Blood tests and urine tests that are inclusive in a kidney panel assessment show the doctor how well the waste elimination and detoxification of body is being done by kidneys. Read ahead to find out kidney function test rates, if you are told to undergo this test by your doctor. Almost every health care facility in the city of Bengaluru has diagnostic centers and hospitals that provide kidney function tests to its patients. These medical units are listed ahead along with their rates, location and contact details in Bengaluru.

Following are the KFT / RFT centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Bengaluru.

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Kidney Function Test (KFT/RFT)

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KFT / RFT by Credence Diagnostics Center-Bangalore


Credence Diagnostics Center-Bangalore
Area: Koramangala [Bengaluru] - 34

KFT / RFT by Dr Thomas Diagnostic Laboratory


Dr Thomas Diagnostic Laboratory
No 27, First Main Rd., Behind New Shanthi Sagar, Near Vijaya Bank, Domlur Layout
Area: HAL [Bengaluru] - 71
080-4148-6478 | 080-4126-3369 | 9845065342

KFT / RFT by Anand Diagnostic Laboratory (Koramangala)


Anand Diagnostic Laboratory (Koramangala)
677, 16th main, 3rd Block
Area: Koramangala [Bengaluru] - 34
080-2550-4207 | 080-2550-1019 | 9449862624

KFT / RFT by Manipal Northside Hospital


Manipal Northside Hospital
No. 71, 11th Main Rd., Opp Railway Station, Malleswaram
Area: Bengaluru - 03
080-2222-1111 | -4900-7000

KFT / RFT by Sri Vinayaka Diagnostic Center


Sri Vinayaka Diagnostic Center
202, 80 Feet Rd., Srinivasanagar, Banashankari First Stage
Area: Banashankari [Bengaluru] - 50

KFT / RFT by Apollo Clinic (Basavanagudi)


Apollo Clinic (Basavanagudi)
Next to Basavanagudi, 99/4, Bull Temple Rd., RK Mutt Layout, Mahantara Lay Out, Kempegowda Ngr.
Area: Basavanagudi [Bengaluru] - 19

KFT / RFT by Acura Speciality Hospital (Koramangala)


Acura Speciality Hospital (Koramangala)
No. 435, 18'th Main Rd., 6'th Block, Opp. To Bus Depot, Near Indoor Stadium
Area: Koramangala [Bengaluru] - 95
080-4110-5151 | -4110-5252 | -2550-6868

KFT / RFT by RV Metropolis Diagnostic and Healthcare Center


RV Metropolis Diagnostic and Healthcare Center
76/10, 15th Cross, 4th Main, Near Girias Showroom, Margosa Rd.
Area: Malleswaram [Bengaluru] - 03

KFT / RFT by Magnus Diagnostic Center


Magnus Diagnostic Center
Legacy building, Above Nilgiris, Neeladri Ngr., Phase 1, Electronic city
Area: Electronic City [Bengaluru] - 00

KFT / RFT by Diagnostic Affair


Diagnostic Affair
Area: CV Raman Nagar [Bengaluru] - 93
080-4095-3333 | 080-4805-8407 | 080-3305-4159

Kidney Function Tests comprises few tests like Creatinine-blood, Creatinine clearance, Creatinine-urine and BUN (Blood urea nitrogen).

  1. Creatinine - blood: Creatinine is a waste product produced in the body which is removed by kidneys. A creatinine blood test is ordered by your doctor only if there are small signs like change in urinary patterns and frequency of going to the washroom, vomiting, reduced sleep and lack of appetite etc. These symptoms signify that kidney diseases are indeed lurking in the body. The procedure of creatinine blood are very similar to that of a simplistic blood test. Normal creatinine levels range from 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dL in women and 0.7 to 1.3 mg/dL in men.
  2. Creatinine clearance: Creatinine clearance is done by assessing levels of creatinine in a urine sample. Glomerular Filteration Rate (GFR) is the rate of blood flow through the kidney. A GFR of 90 or above signifies normal kidney function while, GFR less than 15 means kidney failure.
  3. Creatinine - urine: This test is also known as urine 24 hour volume test. It involves collecting urine over a 24 hour period. Normal urine creatinine values range from 500 to 2,000 mg per day. Values which amount to higher than normal ones indicate a dysfunctional kidney, muscular weakness, kidney disease and in worst cases even kidney failure.
  4. BUN (Blood urea nitrogen): The food we intake contains many different nutrients like fats, proteins, carbohydrates etc. After digestion proteins get broken down and get converted to urea nitrogen. Blood urea nitrogen test also helps in ascertaining functionality of kidneys. Blood urea nitrogen test is done through a blood test. Low levels of BUN indicate a poor liver whereas higher levels mean kidney disease.

Thus the above page had rate list and other details of Kidney Function Tests offered by varied health care facilities in Bangalore. Prices of different medical units are given to help you make a proper decision. Choose wisely after researching properly. Do not fall prey to fake medical entities.