Vitamin-D Test Cost in Chennai

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that keeps your bones strong and healthy. Like other necessary minerals, vitamin D is also required for your body. It also helps in prevention of various diseases like multiple sclerosis, type-1 Diabetes, etc. Vitamin D test is carried out to measure the concentration of vitamin D in your blood. Here is a short database consisting of lists of numerous available centers in Chennai that provides you with Vitamin D test.

Vitamin-D Test at T Nagar

Vitamin-D Test at T Nagar

Location: Osler Diagnostics, No. 1, Nana St, Pondy Bazaar
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1500/- 1050/-
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Following are the Vitamin-D Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Chennai.

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Full Body Health Checkup
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Vitamin-D Test Offer (Order Online, Pay at Home)

Vitamin D (Total) Test

Price: 800.00 600.00

Provided By: Thyrocare Chennai
Home Sample Pickup (Free) All Over Chennai.
Rs. 800.00 600.00 (20% Discount)

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Vitamin-D Test Offer (Order Online, Pay at Home)

Vitamin D Profile (Vit D Total + Vit D2 + Vit D3)

Price: 2200.00 1500.00

Provided By: Thyrocare Chennai
Home Sample Pickup (Free) All Over Chennai.
Rs. 2200.00 1500.00 (35% Discount)

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Vitamin-D Test Offer (Order Online, Pay at Home)

Vitamin Profile (Vit B-12 + Vit D + TSH + Folic Acid + Calcium)

Price: 2000.00 1600.00

Provided By: Thyrocare Chennai
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Rs. 2000.00 1600.00 (20% Discount)

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Vitamin-D Test by Apollo Clinic (Mogappair)


Apollo Clinic (Mogappair)
No 5, Kambar Salai Ambattur Village, Near Bata Showroom & Opp. KFC
Area: Mogappair [Chennai] - 37
044-2625-0799 | -18605007788

Vitamin-D Test by Medall Diagnostics(Ambattur O.T.)


Medall Diagnostics(Ambattur O.T.)
Plot No.52, Oragadam Rd., F2, First Flr., Tejanellu Tower, Venkatapuram
Area: Ambattur [Chennai] - 53
044-4951-2499 | -7397-000-992 | 96002-96012

Vitamin-D Test by Mylab Diagnostics


Mylab Diagnostics
Door No 21/1 Nathans Arcade First Flr., Malaviya Avenue L B Rd., Opp HDFC Bank
Area: Palavakkam [Chennai] - 41

Vitamin-D Test by Liberty High Scans


Liberty High Scans
New No 530, Old No 149/150, Opp To Universal, TT Krishnamachari Rd.
Area: Alwarpet [Chennai] - 18

Vitamin-D Test by Shankara Laboratories


Shankara Laboratories
New No 14 Old No 50, 3rd Street, Near Deena Colour Lab & Citi Bank
Area: Alwarpet [Chennai] - 18
044-2466-2381 | 044-2499-7574 | 9003045064

Vitamin-D Test by City Hospital


City Hospital
26, Sardar Patel Rd.
Area: Adyar [Chennai] - 20

Vitamin-D Test by Deepam Hospital


Deepam Hospital
No.107A, G.S.T. Rd.
Area: Chromepet [Chennai] - 44

Vitamin-D Test by Apollo Childrens Hospital (Thousand Lights)


Apollo Childrens Hospital (Thousand Lights)
No. 15, Shafee Mohammed Rd.
Area: Thousand Lights [Chennai] - 06

Vitamin-D Test by Parvathy Hospital (Chromepet)


Parvathy Hospital (Chromepet)
No. 241, GST Rd.
Area: Chromepet [Chennai] - 44

Vitamin-D Test by SIMS Hospital


SIMS Hospital
No.1, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai (100 Feet Rd.), Vadapalani Chennai - 600026, Tamilnadu, India
Area: Chennai - 26

Vitamin D test is one of a kind of blood test. Samples of your blood is taken through your veins. You are required to stay empty stomach for about 4 hours before taking this test. Any consumption of food may show inaccurate results.

Vitamin D deficiency is getting common now-a-days. People are unable to get enough exposure to sun because of their urbanized lifestyle. Tall buildings and apartments prevent the rays of the sun from their reach. The sun is known to be the best source of vitamin D. Every individual must spend at-least 10 minutes under the sun.

People living in the northern hemisphere and the tropical areas do not get exposure of sun for several months. Such people often suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Whereas, dark-skinned people from places like Africa, Nigeria, etc. lack absorption of sun rays because melanin of their skin prevents the radiation of the sun to enter inside thus leading to vitamin D deficiency. In such cases, you must consume Vitamin D rich food or take Vitamin D supplements.

Lack of Vitamin D in kids may cause diseases like rickets. In adults, it can cause diseases like Osteomalacia or Osteoporosis. Some of the other consequences of vitamin D deficiency are Diabetes and Pigmentation in your Skin. Excess Vitamin D can lead to Hyperparathyroidism or Hypercalcemia.

Given above is the list of many available diagnostic center for testing vitamin D in Chennai City. Find the best center near you.