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Dexa scan is a kind of X - ray to evaluate the strength of your bones. It stands for Dual X - ray Absorptiometry. Strength of your bones is found by measuring its density. Consequences of low bone density can result in disease like osteoporosis. If you are on a look out for a Dexa scan centre in Chennai city, here is a list of centers displayed for you with prices.

Dexa Scan at T Nagar

Dexa Scan at T Nagar

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Following are the Dexa Scan centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Chennai.

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Dexa Scan by Plus Diagnostics


Plus Diagnostics
995/192, 15th Main Rd..
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 40

Your bones and muscles work hand in hand to perform different activities for your body. Any irregularities in any of these two can hamper the mechanism of the body. Hence, it is important that we take good care of our body's bones and muscles.

While undergoing a Dexa scan, you are asked to lie down on the examination table. There is no tunnel involved in this type of scan, unlike CT and MRI scan. Your body is scanned using a scanner. Two beams of X - ray, one high energy beam and one low energy beam is passed through your body using the scanner. The difference between the penetrating figures of these X - ray beams is the density of your bone. This density varies at different location of your body. For example, the bone mass density (BMD) of your finger bones will be obviously less than that of the bone mass density of your arms. Also, the BMD depends of your age and gender.

If your results show T-score of 1 and above, it indicates that your bone density is normal. If the T-score lies between -2.5 to 1, it shows low BMD known as Osteopenia. T-score below -2.5 shows that your suffering from Osteoporosis.

The entire scan mechanism requires about 5-10 minutes of your time. You can resume your daily routine after this test. Doctors ask you to undergo this test to diagnose and study about your bone related ailments, osteoporosis or any dents in your bones.