Double Marker Test Cost in Chennai

Double marker test carries out detection of Down's syndrome in the developing fetus. It is helpful in testing pre-birth conditions of fetus from 8 weeks of pregnancy till 14 weeks. Presence of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus is also detected by the Double marker test. It is advised to all pregnant women to undergo testing for the detection of fetus abnormalities as early as possible. Early detection is a key to reduce complications during and after pregnancy. Given below is the list of renowned diagnosis centers and laboratories for Double marker test located in Chennai.

Following are the Double Marker Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Chennai.

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Double Marker Test by Medall Health Care (Valasaravakkam)


Medall Health Care (Valasaravakkam)
151/6-7, First Flr., Arcot Rd., Next to Nilgiris
Area: Valasaravakkam [Chennai] - Äé

Double Marker Test by Medall Care Center Plus


Medall Care Center Plus
No 100, Kundrathur Rd., Lake View Estate
Area: Maulivakkam [Chennai] - 16
044-4204-8000 | 9884155333 | 9952519229

Double Marker Test by Precision Diagnostic Medall Co


Precision Diagnostic Medall Co
No 9 C Dr Rangarajan Memorial Hospital Sundaram Medical Foundation, 4th Avenue Shanthi Colony
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 40
044-2614-4232 | 044-4345-7852 | 044-4592-7777

Double Marker Test by Medall Healthcare


Medall Healthcare
20/3 & 4, Gopalakrishna street, Indra Devi Complex, Near Rohini International
Area: T Nagar [Chennai] - 17

Double Marker Test by Precision Diagnostics (Taramani)


Precision Diagnostics (Taramani)
Voluntary Health Services, IIT
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 13
044-2254-1972 | 044-2254-1974 | 044-2254-1975

Double Marker Test by Rajiv C T Scan Center


Rajiv C T Scan Center
No 57, Near Alsa Mall, Monteith Rd.
Area: Egmore [Chennai] - 08
044-2859-1266 | 9940033723 | 9940610316

Double Marker Test by EndoCare Diagnostic Center


EndoCare Diagnostic Center
H 11, 2nd Street, Anna Ngr. East, Behind TVS Showroom
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 02
044-2620-5635 | 9003051820 | 9003051818

Double Marker Test by Factor Healthcare


Factor Healthcare
AP 835, G Block, 2nd Street, 11th Main Rd., Annanagar
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 40

Double Marker Test by Duplicate Dr Lal Path Labs


Duplicate Dr Lal Path Labs
No 873 & 874 J Block Gnd. Flr., 17th Main Rd., Near Sri Devi Hospital
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 40

Double Marker Test by Duplicate Anna Nagar X-Rays & Diagnostic Center


Duplicate Anna Nagar X-Rays & Diagnostic Center
203/7, Asiad Colony, East Main Rd., Anna Ngr. West
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 01

Detection of markers: Detection of two essential markers in the blood of pregnant woman can be done using the Double marker test. These markers are Free Beta HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) and PAPP-A (Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein).

Down's syndrome and Double marker

Down's syndrome is also termed as trisomy 21. It is a genetic disorder. Chromosome 21 is responsible for developing Down's syndrome. It has been reported in medical literature that there is no exact cure for Down's syndrome. Right education and healthy care routine helps in improving the quality of life in Down's syndrome patients.

Some children with Down's syndrome are enrolled in typical schools assigned for them while others may need specialized education. In case of family history of genetic abnormalities, chances of getting Down's syndrome are more. Pregnant women of age above 35 are more prone to carry child with genetic and other abnormalities.

In some cases, early detection of Down's syndrome in fetus helps parents in decision making for the termination of pregnancy to avoid complicated child-birth. With numerous screening tests available at diagnostic centers for pregnant women, confusion is bound to mount. This is the reason why we have briefed you about what a Double marker test is used for. Additionally, our medical center list will also prove beneficial in this regards.