Lipid Profile Test Cost in Hyderabad

Lipid Profile Test Prices in Hyderabad

Lipids are groups of fat molecules that include fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins A, D, E and K), monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides, phospholipids, etc. Lipid profile test is used to analyze the quantity of cholesterol and triglycerides in your body; in short it gives you idea about fat percentage in your body. The test even predicts risks of obesity related disorders. Outcome of the test can diagnose certain genetic diseases, predict probability of cardiovascular diseases, etc. Here is a list of diagnostic centers in Hyderabad city where facility of Lipid profile tests is available. Other details like price of the test and the medical centers' address and contact number have also been mentioned. Select a diagnostic center as per your budget and which lies near your place of preference.

Lipid Profile Test at Attapur

Lipid Profile Test at Attapur

Location: First Health Diagnostics, Rainbow Archies, Ground Floor, Pillar 180, Near Happy Homes & Solitaire Gym, Attapur
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540/- 432/-
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Following are the Lipid Profile Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Hyderabad.

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Lipid Profile Test

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Lipid Profile Test by Virinchi Hospital (Banjara Hills)


Virinchi Hospital (Banjara Hills)
Virinchi Hospitals, Virinchi Circle, Shyam Rao Ngr., Rd. No.12&1, Near Pension Office
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 34

Lipid Profile Test by Religare Diagnostics


Religare Diagnostics
Gouri Shankar Ngr. Colony
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 34

Lipid Profile Test by Yashoda Hospitals (Malakpet)


Yashoda Hospitals (Malakpet)
Nalgonda X Rd.s, Malakpet
Area: Hyderabad - 36

Lipid Profile Test by Omega Hospitals


Omega Hospitals
No. 8-2-293/82/L/276A, MLA Colony, Rd. No. 12
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 34

Lipid Profile Test by SRL Diagnostics (Begumpet)


SRL Diagnostics (Begumpet)
G-2, 7-1-59/2 AND 7-1-59/6, Mandhana Towers, Ameerpet
Area: Begumpet [Hyderabad] - 16

Lipid Profile Test by Srl Diagnostics (Dilshuknagar)


Srl Diagnostics (Dilshuknagar)
HNO 21-112/B,Rd. No 4/a,Sharada Ngr.,Saroor Ngr.,, Near Ghandi Strach
Area: Dilsukhnagar [Hyderabad] - 44

Lipid Profile Test by Srl Diagnostic Center (Vidya Nagar)


Srl Diagnostic Center (Vidya Nagar)
Door No 1-9-114 To 1117, Street No 11,Beside Lane ICICI Bank, Opp. To Andhra Mahila Sabha Hospital
Area: Vidya Nagar [Hyderabad] - 44

Lipid Profile Test by Srl Collection Center


Srl Collection Center
Sahiti College Building, Humayun Ngr.
Area: Mehdipatnam [Hyderabad] - 28

Lipid Profile Test by SRL Ranbaxy


SRL Ranbaxy
Vidyanagar,New Nallakunta
Area: Vidya Nagar [Hyderabad] - 44

Lipid Profile Test by Srl Diagnostics (Marredpally)


Srl Diagnostics (Marredpally)
West Marredpally Rd., West Marredpally
Area: Marredpally [Hyderabad] - 26

BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated by taking into consideration a person's height and weight. If your BMI is less than 18, then you are underweight; if it lies between 18-25, it is considered normal. But, when BMI exceeds 25, you fall under the category of obese people. Thus, people whose BMI exceeds 25 should undergo lipid profile test for precise analysis of body fat.

Lipid profile focuses on total cholesterol in the body. HDL cholesterol is considered to be good since it aides in different activities where presence of fat is essential e.g. cellular functions etc. Sources of HDL are nuts, seeds, fatty fish etc. It is LDL that is a prime culprit. It is responsible for deposing layers of fat around internal organs. LDL is mostly found in almost all sorts of junk foods, fried food items and bakery foodstuffs. Diet and exercise are both major factors that play indispensable role in maintaining body weight.

Lipid profile test entails patient to fast for 12 hours prior to the test. One should not consume any foodstuff nor any drink except water. Hence, it is usually done in the morning. The test is a simple blood test wherein sample of blood withdrawn is sent to laboratory for analysis.

The above mentioned information gives you a brief idea about lipid profile test and about various available diagnostic centers across Hyderabad city. If you are not satisfied with the packages offered by medical centers, you can get in touch with us. We will try our best to help you out.