Double Marker Test Cost in Hyderabad

Presence of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus of pregnant woman is detected by the Double marker test. It is always recommended to perform tests for detection of defects in fetus as early as possible. This prevents complicated child birth and problems associated with it. We have provided here a list of diagnosis centers and laboratories with the facility of Double marker test located in the city of Hyderabad. Based on your budget and needs make the choice of diagnostic center from the list provided.

Following are the Double Marker Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Hyderabad.

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Double Marker Test by Vijaya Diagnostic Center (Kukatpally)


Vijaya Diagnostic Center (Kukatpally)
Beside Remedy Hospital, Rd. No. 4, KPHB Colony
Area: Kukatpally [Hyderabad] - 72

Double Marker Test by Vijaya Diagnostic Center (Chanda Nagar)


Vijaya Diagnostic Center (Chanda Nagar)
First Flr., V.S. Chambers, Adj to Apollo Pharmacy
Area: Chanda Nagar [Hyderabad] - 50

Double Marker Test by Lucid Medical Diagnostics (Banjara Hills)


Lucid Medical Diagnostics (Banjara Hills)
8-2-120/86/9/A/18, Plot No 18, Rao and Raju Colony Rd. No 2
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 34
040-4418-4444 | -7893330099

Double Marker Test by Trulife Diagnostics


Trulife Diagnostics
Shop No. 9-4-87/B/14, MD Lines, Moti Darwaza Rd., Minar Colony, MD Lines
Area: Toli Chowki [Hyderabad] - 08
9652973372 | 9652870548

Double Marker Test by Innate The Clinic


Innate The Clinic
Flat No G-6, Bhavya's Srinivasam, Opp. Sanghamitra School, Nizampet Rd.
Area: Kukatpally [Hyderabad] - 85
040-6464-8525 | 040-3961-5451

Double Marker Test by Nandi Pathology Laboratory and Imaging Center


Nandi Pathology Laboratory and Imaging Center
HIG-247, Between Rd. No. 2 and 3, Dhanalaxmi Centre, KPHB Colony
Area: Kukatpally [Hyderabad] - 72

Double Marker Test by Aditya Diagnostics Research Laboratories


Aditya Diagnostics Research Laboratories
S.R. Towers, G 2, Rd. No. 4, KPHB Colony, Opp. Syndicate Bank
Area: Kukatpally [Hyderabad] - 72
040-2315-1905 | 040-3016-3265

Double Marker Test by Lucid Medical Diagnostics (Kukatpally)


Lucid Medical Diagnostics (Kukatpally)
Plot No. 5 & 6, Sai Ngr. Colony, Opp MORE Megastore
Area: Kukatpally [Hyderabad] - 72

Double Marker Test by Tesla Diagnostics


Tesla Diagnostics
Venkateshwara Swamy Temple Street, Behind BATA Showroom
Area: Chanda Nagar [Hyderabad] - 37
040-2303-1720- | 040-2303-0793

Double Marker Test by Medinova Diagnostics Services (Banjara Hills)


Medinova Diagnostics Services (Banjara Hills)
6-3-652, Punjagutta Rd.
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 82

Determination of two markers:

As name says, detection of two essential markers in the blood of pregnant woman is done by the Double marker test. Given below are two markers to be detected:

  1. Free Beta HCG (Human chorister gonadotropin)
  2. PAPP-A (Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein)

Probability of getting Down's syndrome in pregnancy

Irrespective of mother's age, there are chances of abnormalities in fetus. Presence of Down's syndrome in the fetus of pregnant woman is associated with following factors.

  1. Genetic abnormality history in family of expectant parents: In case of parents with family history of genetic abnormality issues, probability of getting Down's syndrome in the fetus increases.
  2. Pregnancy in women of age above 35: As time is changing, maternal age is changing as well. Late pregnancies are getting common these days. With the increasing age of women, chances of pregnancy complications increase and this gives rise to fetus abnormalities is most of the cases. According to reports on pregnancy, possibility of getting Down's syndrome in baby is high in women who get pregnant after the age of 35.
  3. Already having a child with Down's syndrome: Parents of a child with Down's syndrome are more likely to have another child with presence of Down's syndrome or other genetic abnormalities.
  4. Expectant parents carrying translocation genes: Chromosomal translocations are responsible for most genetic defects. A Robertsonian translocation of the Chromosome 21 onto chromosome 14 causes Down's syndrome in rare cases.