Ultrasound Scan Cost in Kolkata

Ultrasound Scan Prices in Kolkata

Ultrasound in medical terms is also referred to as diagnostic sonography, sonogram or ultrasonography. It uses high frequency sound waves to generate images interior structure of the body. Ultrasound is a well known method today that helps detect internal anatomical issues. Pregnant women undertake this test to monitor the status of the fetus growing inside her womb. This scan can also be done on other parts of the body like kidney, blood vessels, liver, etc. The list below helps to decide among various ultrasound test centres in Kolkata with their respective rates.

Following are the Ultrasound Scan centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

Executive Health Checkup
Full Body Health Checkup
Master Health Checkup
Ultrasound Scan by Millennium Health Care


Millennium Health Care
BE-87, Sector I, Near C.A.P. Camp Bus Stop
Area: Salt Lake [Kolkata] - 64

Ultrasound Scan by Nightangle Diagnostic & Medicare Center . .


Nightangle Diagnostic & Medicare Center . .
11. Shakespeare Sarani
Area: Bhowanipore [Kolkata] - 71

Ultrasound Scan by Suburban Clinic [Behala]


Suburban Clinic [Behala]
67, Diamond Harbour Rd., New Alipore
Area: Alipore [Kolkata] - 38

Ultrasound Scan by Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic


Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic
227, First Flr., Anandalok Apartment, Opp. State Bank Of India, A J C Bose Rd.
Area: Sreepally [Kolkata] - 20
033-2287-4887 | 033-6545-7164 | 9830028882

Ultrasound Scan by Suraksha Diagnostic (Garia)


Suraksha Diagnostic (Garia)
Mahamayatala, Rajwada Estate, 66, NSC Bose Road, 24 Pgs(South)
Area: Garia [Kolkata] - 84

Ultrasound Scan by Suraksha Diagnostic


Suraksha Diagnostic
D D 18/1, Salt Lake City Sector 1, Near City Center 1
Area: Salt Lake [Kolkata] - 64
033-6605-9700 | 033-2321-5724 | 033-2321-5725 | 033-6619-1000

Ultrasound Scan by AMRI Medical Center (Southern Avenue)


AMRI Medical Center (Southern Avenue)
No. 97 A, Southern Avenue, Above Maruti Showroom, Opp. Lake Stadium
Area: Kolkata - 29

Ultrasound Scan by Suraksha Diagnostic and Eye Center PVT LTD (Maniktala Main Road)


Suraksha Diagnostic and Eye Center PVT LTD (Maniktala Main Road)
P118,Scheme VI M, C I T Road, Nr Phoolbagan Bata
Area: Maniktala Main Road [Kolkata] - 54
033-6605-9650 | 033-6605-9750 | 09830115143

Ultrasound Scan by Suraksha Diagnostic (Barasat)


Suraksha Diagnostic (Barasat)
83/10, Anima Apartment, Jessore Rd., Barasat, Near Dakbanglow More Crossing
Area: Barasat [Kolkata] - 24
033--6605-9850 | 033-6605-9853

Ultrasound Scan by Reliance Diagnostics


Reliance Diagnostics
AE 337, Near Sen Mahashaya Bus Stand, Salt Lake City, Sector 1
Area: Sarani [Kolkata] - 64
033-2359-2472 | 033-2359-2473 | 9830089377 | 9836910007

Ultrasound procedure includes, exposure of the part of the body to be scanned. This procedure is performed by your doctor or a radiologist. Some special gel is applied to the area being scanned. This gel allows the sound waves to transmit through that area. A microphone like device called as a transducer is rubbed over that area of the body. The computer receives the reflection from these sound waves as soon as it is struck against any bone or other obstruction. These captured images are used by the doctor to analyze the issues.

The same procedure is followed for pregnant women. Here, the sound waves strike across the fetus showing the status of the health of the fetus. This scanning mechanism for pregnant women is done only around 6-10 weeks of her pregnancy. The result of ultrasound is also responsible to reveal the sex of the baby. But, it is illegal to find the sex of baby in our country before it is born.

Ultrasound does not involve radiations, making it safe for pregnant women and the fetus. It is a painless procedure.

Ultrasound or sonography can be easily found at various centres located at different parts in Kolkata. The data above gives you a series of these centres with reasonable rates. Check all the details mentioned and select the location you find is best for you. In case you do not find these prices suitable, we can help modify it for your benefit.