Dexa Scan Cost in Kolkata

Dexa Scan Prices in Kolkata

Dexa scan or Dual X-ray Absorptiometry is used to detect and investigate about osteoporosis in a patient. In this test, only the bones are scanned to measure their density. Hence, it is also known as bone density scan or bone densitometry scan or DXA scan. Many hospitals in kolkata are progressing with newly introduced facilities and treatments. The list given below will help you choose among different centres in Kolkata providing Dexa scan facility at reasonable prices.

Following are the Dexa Scan centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

Executive Health Checkup
Full Body Health Checkup
Master Health Checkup
Dexa Scan by Medstar Clinics


Medstar Clinics
Area: Kolkata - 17

Dexa Scan by Primo Laboratory


Primo Laboratory
92/1 C, Near Chakraberia High School
Area: Bakulbagan Row [Kolkata] - 25
033-2486-0477 | 9830818325

Procedure of Dexa scan includes X-ray of spine and hips. No anesthesia is required for this scan. The patient is asked to lie down for an X-ray. The X-ray displays these parts to ionizing radiation for creating images of internal sections of the body. For children, the X-ray process is slower than usual. Patients are asked not to make any movements during the scan process. These images are captured and transferred to the doctor's computer for further analysis. The X Ray scanner produces two beams comprising of a high energy beam and a low energy beam. The difference between these two beams gives you the density of your bone. This scanning method requires 10-30 minutes for its completion. It is a safe process as you are exposed to very less radiation.

The radiologist provides these X-ray generated images to your consultant doctor. Then, the doctor explains you the result followed by risks it can cause. You should inform your doctors before hand if you are pregnant, or you have a hip/back injury, or you are under osteoporosis medications. These tests help your doctor to go through the reports according to your present health conditions and may also ask you to take further tests.

The above information gives you an idea about distinct centres in Kolkata where you can take Dexa tests for a feasible price. If you still find these figure unsuitable with your budget, we can help you by modifying it according to your requirements and budget.