Double Marker Test Cost in Kolkata

Pre-birth conditions of fetus are determined by Double marker test from 8 weeks of pregnancy up to 14 weeks. It mainly focuses on the detection of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus of pregnant woman. Following are the renowned diagnosis centers and laboratories for Double marker test located in Kolkata. Select the diagnostic center based on your needs.

Following are the Double Marker Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

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Double Marker Test by Reliance Diagnostics


Reliance Diagnostics
AE 337, Near Sen Mahashaya Bus Stand, Salt Lake City, Sector 1
Area: Sarani [Kolkata] - 64
033-2359-2472 | 033-2359-2473 | 9830089377 | 9836910007

Double Marker Test by Neotia Diagnostics Center


Neotia Diagnostics Center
2, Opp. Assembly Of God Church
Area: Rawdon Street [Kolkata] - 17
033-4040-5130 | 033-4040-5142 | 033-4040-5142 | 033-4040-5000

Double Marker Test by Diagnostic Recovery Laboratory


Diagnostic Recovery Laboratory
Area: Nilmoni Mitra Street [Kolkata] - 06
033-2554-9777 | 033-3293-2622 | 9933554048

Double Marker Test by Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic


Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic
227, First Flr., Anandalok Apartment, Opp. State Bank Of India, A J C Bose Rd.
Area: Sreepally [Kolkata] - 20
033-2287-4887 | 033-6545-7164 | 9830028882

Double Marker Test by Zenith Diagnostics


Zenith Diagnostics
Ac128, Keshtopur Rd.
Area: Rabindrapally [Kolkata] - 01

Double Marker Test by SRL Diagnostics (Behala)


SRL Diagnostics (Behala)
No. 34, Gnd. Flr., Shop No. 10, Banamali Naskar Road, Near Behala Club
Area: Behala [Kolkata] - 60
033-2498-1009 | 9051945584 | 9836539334

Double Marker Test by SRL Diagnostic (Dum Dum)


SRL Diagnostic (Dum Dum)
P-126, Sahid Hemant Kumar Basu Sarani, Kalindi Housing Estate, South Dum Dum
Area: Dum Dum [Kolkata] - 89
033-3302-4397 | 9830058619

Double Marker Test by Biocare Diagnostic (Santoshpur)


Biocare Diagnostic (Santoshpur)
1050/2, A 29, First Flr., Green Commercial Complex, Survey Park.
Area: Santoshpur [Kolkata] - 75
033-4063-5183 | 09831124746

Double Marker Test by SRL Diagnostics (Ballygunge)


SRL Diagnostics (Ballygunge)
70B, Triangular Park, Purna Das Rd.
Area: Kalighat [Kolkata] - 29
033-2465-2550 | 9830141787 | 9830146648

Double Marker Test by Udita Diagnostics


Udita Diagnostics
C/12, Bagha Jatin Palli
Area: Naktala [Kolkata] - 92
033-2425-0228 | 033-2425-5409 | 9433800559

Double marker test carries out detection of two essential markers in the blood of pregnant woman. These markers are,

  1. Free Beta HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin)
  2. PAPP-A (Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein)

Detection of Down's syndrome in fetus

It is recommended to all pregnant women to undergo testing for detection of fetus abnormalities. Early detection is a key to avoid future complications. There is a high probability of having Down's syndrome in babies with family history of genetic abnormalities. Also, pregnant women of age above 35 are more prone to carry child with some abnormalities. All pregnant women are advised to go through the Double marker test to confirm healthy development of their fetus. Positive test results of Double marker test indicate need of more confirmatory tests. Early stage pregnancy termination may be possible as a result of early detection of abnormalities in the fetus.

Precautionary measures during pregnancy for healthy baby birth

All pregnant women need to take care of their health as there is direct impact on the health of the fetus. Detection of serious complications in the fetus in early stages is very important. To avoid future pregnancy related complications, tests such as Double marker play an important role. It actually works as an alarm towards various pre- natal genetic complications.

Many laboratories and diagnostic centers have the Double marker test facility. To reduce your work, we have given you information about the diagnostic centers for the Double marker test in Kolkata. You can select the best center as per your choice and your required budget. For any other questions, please contact us. We are here to provide you solutions. We are looking forward to your feedback.