FNAC Test Cost in Kolkata

FNAC test - Free needle aspiration cytology test is carried out for confirmation of abnormalities detected via sonography, ultrasound, mammography and X-ray analysis. It is usually performed for diagnosing suspicious nodules and lumps, such as breast lumps and lymph nodules. Given below is a list of FNAC test centers from most reputed diagnostic laboratories in Kolkata. Prices for FNAC test may differ based on the center. Please go through the list and select the center as per your requirements.

Following are the FNAC Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

Executive Health Checkup
Full Body Health Checkup
Master Health Checkup
FNAC Test by Suburban Clinic [Behala]


Suburban Clinic [Behala]
67, Diamond Harbour Rd., New Alipore
Area: Alipore [Kolkata] - 38

FNAC Test by Rb Diagnostic


Rb Diagnostic
P -713, Block - A, Near Jaya Cinema Hall
Area: Lake Town [Kolkata] - 89

FNAC Test by Millennium Health Care


Millennium Health Care
BE-87, Sector I, Near C.A.P. Camp Bus Stop
Area: Salt Lake [Kolkata] - 64

FNAC Test by Elpis Diagnostics and Clinic


Elpis Diagnostics and Clinic
37/3 Jessore Rd. (South), Rathtala, Barasat
Area: Rathtala [Kolkata] - 27
7044431444 | 033-2552-0222/0244

FNAC Test by Xpons Diagnostic Center


Xpons Diagnostic Center
30/14, Station, Opp. Dudh Bazar
Area: S M Ali Road [Kolkata] - 23
033-2545-0142 | 9231235195 | 9831477468 | 9239285171

FNAC Test by Probe Diagnostic


Probe Diagnostic
121, A J C Bose Rd., Opp. N R S Hospital And Beside Loreto School, Sealdah
Area: Entally [Kolkata] - 14
033-2217-1184 | 033-2227-1379 | 9831462532 | 9831004652

FNAC Test by Neotia Medi Plus Multispeciality Clinic


Neotia Medi Plus Multispeciality Clinic
168, Garia Main Rd., Near-228 Bus Stand
Area: Garia [Kolkata] - 84
033-4040-8000 | 9831108024

FNAC Test by Manisha Pathology Clinic


Manisha Pathology Clinic
P 13, Near Bank Of India, C I T Rd.
Area: Entally [Kolkata] - 14
033-2286-6688 | 033-6417-0383 | 033-2284-8372

FNAC Test by Regent Diagnostic Center


Regent Diagnostic Center
174/2, Near Malancha Cinema, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Rd.
Area: Regent Park [Kolkata] - 40
033-2377-4753 | 033-2381-3995

FNAC Test by Arica Diagnostic


Arica Diagnostic
11a, Near R G Kar Medical College
Area: Mohanlal Street [Kolkata] - 04

FNAC test has been found to be reliable when performed by a well-trained health professional. Confirmation of benign and malignant tissues and fluids is done by FNAC test. Surgery is not necessary in case of benign tissues whereas in case of malignant tumor, surgery is required.

Following instructions need to taken into consideration before FNAC test:

  1. A week prior to FNAC test, Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as ibuprofen, naproxen are not allowed to consume.
  2. No food intake is allowed before few hours of FNAC test.
  3. Blood clotting test needs to be performed before two weeks of FNAC test.
  4. Antibiotic prophylaxis may be needed.
  5. There can be need of blood anticoagulant suspension during FNAC test.

Accuracy of FNAC test

To get accurate results, medical professionals performing the test need to be properly trained and should have experience in FNAC testing, biopsy and X-ray testing. Mostly, a cytologist or a surgeon performs this test. This helps in getting correct analysis.

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