KFT / RFT Cost in Mumbai

Kidney Function Test is a group of tests that are used for assessing how well or how weakly the kidneys in one's body are working. These tests measure functioning of kidney. If you are ordered to get your kidney function test done by your doctor, read ahead. Diagnostic centers and hospitals provide kidney function tests. There are several medical units in Mumbai listed ahead with their rates. The list will help you locate centers in Mumbai offering kidney function tests which are easily accessible to you.

KFT / RFT at Ghatkopar West

KFT / RFT at Ghatkopar West

Location: Health Scan Diagnostics, Shop No. 1&2, Om Shri Sai Dham CHS, Near Jambhul Pada Bus Stop & Disha Hospital, Jagruti Nagar, Ghatkopar West
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950/- 760/-
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KFT / RFT at Borivali

KFT / RFT at Borivali

Location: Healthcare Medical Centre & Diagnostic, 1st Floor, Yogi Avenue, Yogi Nagar, Land mark-Next to Corporation Bank lane, Borivali West
Test Name / PriceOrder Now
1200/- 1020/-
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KFT / RFT at Charni road

KFT / RFT at Charni road

Location: Dr Jankharia’s Imaging Centre, 383, Bhaveshwar vihar, Sardar V P Road, Prathna Samaj
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1000/- 850/-
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KFT / RFT at Seawoods

KFT / RFT at Seawoods

Location: Way2Health Diagnostics, Shop 2-6 Plot No. 31 Om Neelkanth Appartment CHS, Sector 42-A, Seawoods west
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1200/- 960/-
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Following are the KFT / RFT centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Mumbai.

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Kidney Function Test (KFT/RFT)

Price: 600.00 400.00

Provided By: Thyrocare Mumbai
Home Sample Pickup (Free) All Over Mumbai.
Rs. 600.00 400.00 (33% Discount)

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KFT / RFT by Belfer Bandra X Ray Clinic


Belfer Bandra X Ray Clinic
147, Waterfield Rd., Back Entrance Of Belfer Buliding, Opp. ICICI Bank, Bandra West
Area: Bandra [Mumbai] - 50

KFT / RFT by Chikitsa


Adarsh Hotel Building, NG Archarya Marg, Bala Krishna Centre
Area: Dadar [Mumbai] - 71

KFT / RFT by Clinico Pathologicial Laboratory


Clinico Pathologicial Laboratory
Flat No 1 Tapasya Chs, G M Rd., Chembur West, Opp. Shopper Stop, Above ICICI Bank
Area: Chembur [Mumbai] - 89
022-2525-6793 | 022-2525-7931 | 9820031371

KFT / RFT by Asian Heart Institute


Asian Heart Institute
G / N Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East
Area: Bandra [Mumbai] - 51

KFT / RFT by Kansaria Bharat Nagindas Laboratory


Kansaria Bharat Nagindas Laboratory
Samrat Madhusadan, First Flr., Bajaj Rd., Kandivali West
Area: Kandivali [Mumbai] - 67
022-2805-6567 | 022-2806-7305

KFT / RFT by A M Pai Lab


A M Pai Lab
Ambika Darshan, M G Rd., Ghatkopar East, Near Bharati Jewellers
Area: Ghatkopar [Mumbai] - 77

KFT / RFT by Anu Diagnostic Center


Anu Diagnostic Center
Room No. 3, Lavkush Co-operative Society, MG Rd., Panch Rastha, Mulund West
Area: Mulund [Mumbai] - 80

KFT / RFT by Lilavati Hospital and Research Center


Lilavati Hospital and Research Center
A - 791, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West,
Area: Bandra [Mumbai] - 50

KFT / RFT by Joy Hospital


Joy Hospital
423 Ab, 10'th Rd., Chembur East
Area: Chembur, Trombay, Govandi [Mumbai] - 71

KFT / RFT by Nivaran diagnostic centre


Nivaran diagnostic centre
M. G. Rd., Satyam Shopping Complex, A wing, Gr. Flr., Ghatkopar east
Area: Ghatkopar [Mumbai] - 77
022-2102-6859 | 9764949422

Blood tests and urine tests show if the kidneys are detoxifying the body properly. Proper functioning of kidneys is very crucial for a good health. Waste excretion, regulation of body temperature, maintaining electrolytes and water balance of the body.

Kidney Function Tests consist of following tests:

  1. Creatinine - blood: Creatinine is a waste product eliminated by kidney. A creatinine blood test is ordered by your doctor if small signs like vomiting, change in urinary patterns, vomiting, lessened sleep and appetite etc. signifying kidney diseases are reported. The procedure of the same is similar to that of a normal blood test. Normal creatinine levels range from 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dL in women and 0.7 to 1.3 mg/dL in men.
  2. Creatinine clearance: It involves measuring levels of creatinine in a urine sample. Glomerular Filteration Rate (GFR) is the rate of blood flow through the kidney. A GFR of 90 or above signifies normal kidney function while, GFR less than 15 means kidney failure.
  3. Creatinine - urine: It is also referred as urine 24 hour volume test. It involves collecting urine over a 24 hour period. Normal urine creatinine values range from 500 to 2,000 mg per day. Values which are more than normal indicate muscular weakness, kidney disease and at times kidney failure and infection.
  4. BUN (Blood urea nitrogen): Proteins when broken down after digestion are converted to urea nitrogen. Blood urea nitrogen test also determine functioning of kidney. It is done through a generic blood test. Lower levels indicate a poor liver whereas higher levels mean kidney disease.

Kidney Function Test thus has the aforementioned benefits. We hope you make a well-researched decision if you are ordered to take this test.