Dengue Test Cost in Mumbai

Dengue is a mosquito-borne virulent disease. Getting tested for it on seeing even a single symptom is immensely important during event of a dengue endemic. This disease can leave you immobile for a minimum period of a week after it is diagnosed. Classic symptoms of the same include high fever, rashes, muscular pain, headache, fatigue and tiredness. Symptoms should not be ignored as that could aggravate the illness. Dengue testing is available across several hospitals and diagnostic centers in every part of Mumbai. The list mentioned ahead contains Dengue test rates available in diagnostic centers in Mumbai city.

Following are the Dengue Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Mumbai.

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Full Body Health Checkup
Master Health Checkup
Dengue Test by Surana Hospital and Research center (Malad)


Surana Hospital and Research center (Malad)
End of Shankar Lane, Near Orlem Church, Orlem Tank Rd., Malad West
Area: Malad [Mumbai] - 64

Dengue Test by SS Diagnostics


SS Diagnostics
Devi Dayal Rd., Mulund West, Near Mulund West Bus Shop
Area: Mulund [Mumbai] - 80
022-2591-6242 | 022-2593-8151 | 9619670745

Dengue Test by Religare SRL Bandra Collection Center


Religare SRL Bandra Collection Center
Sujata Niwas, First Flr., B Wing, Flat No 12, Bandra West, Near Siddhart Hotel
Area: Bandra [Mumbai] - 50
022-2655-8733 | 9322830152 | 9967293710

Dengue Test by Siddhi Vinayak Diagnostic Center


Siddhi Vinayak Diagnostic Center
Shop No 1, Patil Wadi, Tank Rd., Bhandup West, Opp. Mini Land
Area: Mulund [Mumbai] - 78

Dengue Test by Bon Bon Diagnostic Center


Bon Bon Diagnostic Center
Plot No. A-1-142/143, Gnd. Flr. 1, Shivam Apartments, Jay Prakash Rd., Bon Bon Lane, Andheri West
Area: Andheri [Mumbai] - 53

Dengue Test by Metro Diagnostic Center


Metro Diagnostic Center
No. 204, Trimurti Arcade, L. B. S Marg, Ghatkopar West
Area: Ghatkopar [Mumbai] - 86

Dengue Test by Aastha Health Care


Aastha Health Care
No. 1, Mulund Colony, Mulund West, Opp. Chedda Petrol Pump
Area: Mulund [Mumbai] - 82
022-2562-8264 | 022-2562-8265 | 022-2562-8263 | 9821350957

Dengue Test by L.C Manek's Diagnostic Center


L.C Manek's Diagnostic Center
Gnd. Flr., Cheeta Camp Main Rd. Market, Sector - F Cheeta Camp Main Rd., Trombay
Area: Govandi [Mumbai] - 88
022-2522-5404 | 022-2522-0396

Dengue Test by Omkar Health Care


Omkar Health Care
Bajrang Co.Operation Housing Society, Shiv Vallabh Road, Maruti Ngr., Dahisar East
Area: Dahisar [Mumbai] - 68

Dengue Test by Tandon Hospital


Tandon Hospital
First and 4th flr, Gagangiri complex, 18th road, Chembur East
Area: Bandra [Mumbai] - 71

Dengue testing is done using molecular testing, complete blood count (CBC), antibody testing and Ns1 antigen tests. A CBC test provides your doctor information about your white blood cell count, red blood cell count, hematocrit value, hemoglobin count and platelet count. All of which are extremely important for diagnosing various infections and disorders. Antibody testing entails testing 2 types of antibodies- immunoglobulinG(IgG) and Immunoglobulin M (IgM). Both of these tests help the doctor in ascertaining presence of dengue in one's body. The molecular testing type helps in finding genetic material in dengue virus. Whereas, the ELISA or enzyme linked immunosorbent assay helps to detect presence of antibody levels in your blood. All the above tests are based on one's blood samples, which are drawn through veins in your arm. These tests help the doctor in detecting if the person has dengue and then to decide line of treatment and further medication.

Proper precautions should be taken in event of endemics like dengue and malaria. If despite precautionary measures one does get symptoms of the same then laboratory testing is important. If the testing is done on time then it can surely be life-saving. So it is important to be able to locate a diagnostic center closer home. The above mentioned list which contains rates of diagnostic centers and their details is helpful to people who have anyone suspected suffering from dengue. Even slightest symptoms should not be ignored.