Diabetes Test (HbA1c) Cost in Mumbai

HbA1c test also referred to as glycohemoglobin and glycated hemoglobin test is a test that monitors blood sugar levels in patients suffering from type1 and type2 diabetes. Several diagnostic centers and medical units these days offer facility of HbA1c test across their locations in different Indian cities. The list mentioned ahead contains HbA1c test rates available in Mumbai city. If you are a Mumbai resident then this list will help you to locate the centers offering HbA1c test nearest to you.

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) at Seawoods

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) at Seawoods

Location: Way2Health Diagnostics, Shop 2-6 Plot No. 31 Om Neelkanth Appartment CHS, Sector 42-A, Seawoods west
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600/- 480/-
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Following are the Diabetes Test (HbA1c) centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Mumbai.

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HbA1c Test

Price: 600.00 500.00

Provided By: Thyrocare Mumbai
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Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Kkasturi Medicare


Kkasturi Medicare
Harshniketan, Behind Navrang Hotel, Gaondevi Rd., Bhayander (West), Thane
Area: Bhayandar [Mumbai] - 01

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Shiv Diagnostic Center


Shiv Diagnostic Center
Plot No 3, Building No 18, Laxmi Colony, R C Marg
Area: Chembur [Mumbai] - 74

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Noor Diagnostic


Noor Diagnostic
Baji Prabhu Deshpande Rd., Phase 1, Shivaji Ngr.
Area: Govandi [Mumbai] - 43

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Gayatri Computerised Diagnostic Center


Gayatri Computerised Diagnostic Center
R.C. Marg,Agarwal Colony, Vasi Naka
Area: Chembur [Mumbai] - 74

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Sanjeevani Sonography and Diagnostic Center


Sanjeevani Sonography and Diagnostic Center
Plot No. 25/A/19, Govandi West, Opp. Jaffari English School, Shivaji Ngr.
Area: Govandi [Mumbai] - 43

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Nair Collection Center


Nair Collection Center
First Flr., Dr A R Nair Rd., Above General Medical, Near Nair Hospital Casualty Gate, Beside United Cars, Behind Nair Medico
Area: Mumbai Central [Mumbai] - 08
022-6450-9384 | 022-6650-5555 | 022-3399-3939

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Asian Heart Institute


Asian Heart Institute
G / N Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East
Area: Bandra [Mumbai] - 51

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Divine Multispeciality Hospital


Divine Multispeciality Hospital
Plot No 21, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai
Area: Mumbai - 01

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Nivaran Diagnostic Center


Nivaran Diagnostic Center
M. G. Rd., Satyam Shopping Complex, A wing, Gr. Flr., Ghatkopar east
Area: Ghatkopar [Mumbai] - 77
022-4978-1555 | 9326250082

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Jain Diagnostic Center


Jain Diagnostic Center
13, Padmavati Darshan, N M Joshi Marg, Elphinstone Rd., Opp. Deepak Talkies
Area: Parel [Mumbai] - 13

Diabetes and fluctuating blood sugar is an increasingly common phenomenon in the world and in India alike. It is one disease which is neither age nor gender specific. It can happen to a school-going kid or a middle aged person. Likewise there are a plethora of tests developed by medical experts and researchers that diabetics need to do from time-to-time for ensuring a better life. Glucose molecules in blood sticks to hemoglobin and this how glycosylated hemoglobin molecule is formed. A relatively high blood glucose level will lead to a higher level of glycoslated red blood cells thus escalating levels of HbA1c. The HbA1c test is easily one of the most reliable options available today for detecting diabetes.

HbA1C test is done through a simple blood test. Blood for this test is drawn from vein in arm or inside of elbow. An antiseptic is applied to the region of the vein before inserting needle into it. The needle is removed after the required amount of blood is taken out. Further, the blood sample collected is sent to laboratory for testing. The HbA1c test lasts for few minutes and is a painless procedure. It is the last leg of HbA1c test.

The patient is not required to fast prior to this test. However, it is common sense to avoid consuming a heavy meal or breakfast just before the test. Since it lasts for a few minutes resumption of your routine activities is totally possible after the test.

Diabetes can be controlled with proper testing and medication. Thus it is important to find a diagnostic center or hospital for the same which is closest to your residence. This will not only save you time and resources every other phase you need testing. And also in event of emergency, it would certainly be a life-saving thing.