Testosterone Test Cost in Pune

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is produced on both males and females. Testosterone test is also called as serum testosterone test and is used to check the levels of testosterone hormone in the blood. Testosterone test is available in most of the fertility clinics in Pune. Mentioned below is the list of hospitals and diagnostic centers where this test is available. Scroll down to get more information about the hospital, price of the test, its location and contact number. Price of the test may vary from hospital to hospital. So select the medical center accordingly which falls well within your brackets of requirements and budget.

Following are the Testosterone Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Pune.

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Testosterone Test

Price: 600.00 300.00

Provided By: Thyrocare Pune
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Rs. 600.00 300.00 (50% Discount)

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Testosterone Test Offer (Order Online, Pay at Home)

Free Testosterone Test

Price: 850.00 585.00

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Testosterone Test by Disha Diagnostic Center


Disha Diagnostic Center
1, Disha Apartment, Sanghvinagar, Near State Bank Of Patiala
Area: Aundh [Pune] - 07
020-2588-3946 | 020-4124-2402

Testosterone Test by SRL Diagnostics (Kothrud)


SRL Diagnostics (Kothrud)
7th Arihant, Above Mehar Dresses, Opp. Bank of Maharashtra, Next to Ranka Jewellers Showroom, Karve Rd.
Area: Kothrud [Pune] - 04

Testosterone Test by Suburban Diagnostics


Suburban Diagnostics
Home Sample Collection Service All Over Pune
Area: Pune - 09

Testosterone Test by Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Swargate)


Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Swargate)
1:Seraph Centre,OPP BSNL Exchange,Shahu College road,off pune-satara road,behind hotel panchami
Area: Pune - 09

Testosterone Test by Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Lulla Nagar)


Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Lulla Nagar)
Kothari Plaza,Near Gera Junction,Bibvewadi Kondhwa road,pune
Area: BIbvewadi [Pune] -

Testosterone Test by Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Sinhgad Road)


Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Sinhgad Road)
Ganesh Park,Shop no1,Manikbaugh
Area: Singhad road [Pune] -

Testosterone Test by Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Baner Road)


Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Baner Road)
Shop No4,Ujjwal Premises,opp,the great Punjab hotel Baner
Area: Baner [Pune] -

Testosterone Test by Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Karve Nagar)


Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Karve Nagar)
Shree Sai Ganes Complex,Shop No 14,wC wing,near corporation bank
Area: Karve Nagar [Pune] -

Testosterone Test by Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Viman Nagar)


Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Viman Nagar)
Shop Number 3,Peshwa garden road,near datta Mandir
Area: Viman Nagar [Pune] -

Testosterone Test by Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Shukrawar Peth)


Aone Healthcare(Suburban - Shukrawar Peth)
Bilwanidhi 1394,shukrwar peth,Bajirao road,Above gharonda furniture,pune
Area: Shukrawar Peth [Pune] - 02

Testosterone is prominent or main sex hormone in men and is produced by testicles. It is because of presence of this hormone that males get their physical characteristics. In women, levels of testosterone are quite low. Doctors recommend testosterone test to evaluate various conditions like decreased sex drive in both men and women, detecting cause of infertility in men and women, testicular tumors in men, reason for delayed or precocious puberty in boys, erectile dysfunction in men, hypothalamus or pituitary disorders and Hirsutism (abnormal hair growth on womens face and body) and virilization (development of male characteristics like deep voice, muscle bulk etc. )in females.

Testosterone test is a type of blood test. Sample of blood is drawn from vein near elbow. To increase blood flow to the vein, an elastic band is tied on upper arm. This exerts pressure over the vein making it swell and it becomes easy for the nurse to draw blood. Once the required amount of blood is collected in the tube, needle is withdrawn and cotton swab is given to hold against the puncture site to prevent blood from oozing out. The procedure hardly takes few minutes and is relatively painless.

If you are experiencing following symptoms consistently, then you should opt for testosterone test:

It is better to consult with doctor early so that symptoms reduce and condition gets treated without much complications.