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Hysterosalpingogram, in layman's language called as HSG scan, is a sort of X-ray procedure primarily used to examine parts of female reproductive system. The test gives an idea about the health and condition of uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. Egg released from the ovary is carried to the uterus through fallopian tubes. It is in the uterus that a fetus develops in amniotic sac. The test is hence, indispensable for women who are finding it difficult to get pregnant. Through this test, doctor is able to diagnose the reason for delayed pregnancy. HSG scan is recommended by gynecologists to women for checking if there is any problem in structure and functioning of fallopian tubes and uterus. Generally, HSG scan facility is available in most of the maternity care hospitals and diagnostic centers. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of such maternity and diagnostic centers across Pune city where HSG facility is available. Scroll down to get more information and the rates of HSG scan.

HSG Test at Aundh

HSG Test at Aundh

Location: Nidan Diagnostics, Opposite Dominos, Nagras Road, Ward No. 8
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HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)
4500/- 3600/-
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Following are the HSG Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Pune.

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HSG Test by Ruby Hall Clinic


Ruby Hall Clinic
40, Sasoon Rd., Near Pune Station
Area: Pune Station, Koregaon Park [Pune] - 01

HSG Test by Healthcare nt Sickcare


Healthcare nt Sickcare
No.4, 2nd Flr., Rajanigandha Apartments, Ambedkar Chowk, Near Shwashwath Hospital, DP Rd.
Area: Aundh [Pune] - 07

HSG Test by Fidelity Diagnostics


Fidelity Diagnostics
Sr. No. 127/2b, ITI Rd.
Area: Aundh [Pune] - 07
020-6560-3560 | 8600020678

HSG Test by Dr Pansares Diagnostic Center


Dr Pansares Diagnostic Center
Flat No 1 Damodar Heights, Kalewadi Phata, Near Dutta Mandir, Near Pawana Sahakari Bank, Thergaon
Area: Rahatani [Pune] - 33

HSG Test by Exo Path Labs (Pimpri)


Exo Path Labs (Pimpri)
Shubham Galleriya Finolex Chowk, Nera Croma
Area: Pimpri [Pune] - 18

HSG Test by Global Hospital and Research Center (Sinhagad Road)


Global Hospital and Research Center (Sinhagad Road)
577/2, Near Dattawadi Police Chowky, off Sinhagad Rd., Dattawadi
Area: Swargate [Pune] - 30

HSG Test by Infedis Diagnostic Center


Infedis Diagnostic Center
431A, Siddhivinayak Keshar, Next To Old Zilla Parishad Narpatgiri Chowk, Somwar Peth
Area: Pune Peth [Pune] - 02
020-2613-4004 | 9823940004 | 9823101041

HSG Test by AIMS Hospital (Aundh)


AIMS Hospital (Aundh)
Survey No. 154, Near AiMS Square, Aundh
Area: Aundh [Pune] - 27

HSG Test by Kotbagi Hospital


Kotbagi Hospital
163, D.P. Rd.
Area: Aundh [Pune] - 07
020-4310-0410 | -4310-0400

HSG Test by P.H. Diagnostic Center


P.H. Diagnostic Center
Sai Plaza, Next to Chinchwad Police Station, Chaphekar Chowk
Area: Chinchwad [Pune] - 33

Every couple at some point of their life wish to welcome a new member in their family. It is a very delicate and treasured moment in a couple's life when they become parents and for the first time hold their tiny bundle of joy. But for some reason or the other, pregnancy becomes difficult. Thus, HSG scan comes into picture.

To perform HSG scan, a contrast material is injected into the body through a thin tube. The contrast material helps in distinguishing the body part that is to be scanned and produces better images which further help in analysis. This tube is inserted into vagina and directed towards uterine cavity. The dye flows into fallopian tubes as well as both uterus and fallopian tubes are connected. By passing steady beam of X-ray over the body, pictures are captured as the dye makes its way. Pictures obtained are thus of very high quality and enable doctor to detect structural problems to uterus and fallopian tubes; like whether there is injury or swelling in fallopian tube or uterus, if there is blockage that prevents sperm from merging with egg, problem in implanting fertilized egg to uterine wall, etc.

Before the test is conducted, let the doctor know if you are allergic towards iodine or any such substance. Also, if you taking blood thinning medicines like warfarin and aspirin or facing renal problems and diabetes, it is important that you tell your doctor about it.

HSG scan is an outpatient procedure which means patient can go home immediately and usually gets completed within 10-20 minutes. One can resume their routine activities immediately after the test.