2D Echo Test Price in India

2D Echo Test Prices in India

2D Echo is a test used to evaluate condition of heart by being able to view its structure. It is a non-invasive technique that makes use of sound waves to capture cardiac images. 2D Echo is also called as echocardiography, cardiac ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound and cardiac ultrasonography. Sonar is the technique that is used in 2D Echo to view internal structure of heart. In this technique, sound waves are passed through body and these get reflected back once they strike against an obstruction. With the help of computer, images can be traced out.

2D Echo has become popular cardiac related test. It is recommended in almost all cases of cardiac disorders. Most of the diagnostic centers do provide the facility of 2D Echo test. Here, is the list of medical centers across major cities of India where facility of 2D Echo is available at pocket friendly prices.

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2D Echo Test Cost in Top 7 Cities

  1. Delhi 2D Echo Test Prices
  2. Mumbai 2D Echo Test Prices
  3. Kolkata 2D Echo Test Prices
  4. Chennai 2D Echo Test Prices
  5. Pune 2D Echo Test Prices
  6. Hyderabad 2D Echo Test Prices
  7. Bengaluru 2D Echo Test Prices

Why 2D Echo is Suggested?
2D Echo test is suggested by cardiologists to check any abnormalities in functioning of heart. Here are some common uses of 2D Echo:

  • To detect abnormalities in cardiac valves which connect atria and the ventricles that are concerned with circulation of blood
  • To check for pericarditis - cardiac inflammation
  • To check for damage to cardiac muscles after heart attack
  • To check conditions related to abnormal heart rhythms like tachycardia (rapid increase in heart beats) to bradycardia (rapid decrease in heart beats)
  • To detect congenital heart disease (since birth defects)
  • To check pumping strength of heart
  • To detect rheumatic heart murmurs
  • To detect infectious growth around valves of heart
  • Check for tumor and blood clots
  • To check presence of abnormal holes in heart chambers like atrium and ventricles
  • To examine heart anatomy in detail
  • To evaluate effectiveness of surgical treatments

2D Echo Procedure
2D Echo tests are conducted by trained radiologists. It is a completely painless procedure and does not hurt a bit. Patient is made to lie on examination table and part of chest is to be kept exposed. Sometimes, cloths are also used to cover chest region. A special type of gel that allows transmitting of sound waves is applied on the exposed part. A device called as transducer that emits sound waves of high frequency is moved over the gel. Sound waves pass through the chest and bounce back (echoed) once they hit against cardiac muscles and blood vessels. As the transducer moves, images are produced on monitor. Radiologist may ask you to change position to enable better viewing of heart anatomy.

2D Echo with Colour Doppler
As mentioned earlier, 2D Echo, cardiologist is able to examine the structure of heart. He is able to diagnose various cardiac ailments. In case of 2D Echo with Doppler, cardiologist are able to determine functioning of heart by checking speed and direction of blood flow in blood vessels within heart.

There are as such no major precaution to be taken prior to the test. You can eat and drink whatever you like as you normally would. It is better to keep meals light and drink plenty of water before the test. You should as well not carry any valuables with you. Metallic jewelry has to be removed before the procedure as it may interfere with sound waves and cause hindrance.

2D Echo is considered to be a safe procedure and does not produce any major side-effects. Since, there is no radiation involved, it can even be considered to be safer than X-rays and Scans as these procedures include very little radiation.

One can resume their daily activities immediately after the test. There is no restriction on driving or any other activity.

2D Echo test is accessible to children and adults from all groups. Echocardiography can also be performed on fetus. Hence, there is no limit on age for 2D Echo diagnostic test.

Price of 2D echo test varies from hospital to hospital. The cost depends upon hospital chosen and machines used. If you are not happy about the price quoted by the diagnostic center, feel free to contact us. We do provide customized packages that suit your budget and requirements.