ANC Profile Price in India

ANC profile test is also known as antenatal screening. Antenatal care (ANC) ensures that health of pregnant woman and fetus is in good condition. It involves a shared care approach between the hospitals and private or government obstetrician. Medical centers are helpful and provide quality antenatal care from the date of positive pregnancy test until a healthy delivery. Consistent antenatal or ANC profile test helps prevent problems at early stages as well as during delivery.

There are many medical and diagnostic centers that offer the facility of ANC profile test in different cities across India. Here, we have compiled a list of ANC profile test packages available in major Indian cities. This list will help you to find out the centers with the provision of ANC profile test as per your convenience.

Executive Health Checkup
Full Body Health Checkup
Master Health Checkup

ANC Profile Cost in Top 7 Cities

  1. Delhi ANC Profile Prices
  2. Mumbai ANC Profile Prices
  3. Kolkata ANC Profile Prices
  4. Chennai ANC Profile Prices
  5. Pune ANC Profile Prices
  6. Hyderabad ANC Profile Prices
  7. Bengaluru ANC Profile Prices

ANC profile test includes following sub-tests to be carried out during pregnancy.

  1. Hemogram
  2. Blood Group
  3. Rhesus negative and rhesus positive blood group
  4. Blood pressure
  5. Anemia
  6. Blood Sugar - Fasting
  7. Blood Sugar - Post-meal
  8. Antenatal urine tests
  9. HIV, Screening syphilis and Hepatitis B

As a part of antenatal care, several blood tests are advised to pregnant women. Some tests are advised to all pregnant women, while some specific tests are advised to those who are at risk of getting an infection. All these tests are performed to make the pregnancy safer without any complications. Doctors provide written information about the tests to patients.

Hemogram: Hemogram testing involves detection of Hemoglobin (Hb) content, RBC count, WBC count and platelet count. Hb content primarily indicates presence of anemia. Possibility of infections can be obtained by WBC count. Platelet count is significant in the diagnosis of Dengue, Malaria, blood and other types of cancers and coagulation defects.

Blood Group: Blood group testing in pregnant women is very essential. It is important to realize that blood group needs to be known in case if blood is required to be given. In cases of heavy bleeding situations such as hemorrhage during delivery or birth, blood is required. Apart from this, blood group test can also detect rhesus negative and rhesus positive blood group difference. Women with rhesus negative results need to take extra care.

Rhesus negative and rhesus positive blood group: Rhesus positive blood group people have D antigen on the surface of red blood cells while in rhesus negative people, D antigen is not present. There are chances of carrying a rhesus positive baby in rhesus negative woman if father of the baby is rhesus positive. If a small amount of rhesus positive baby's blood enters into the mother's bloodstream during pregnancy or at the time of birth, antibodies against rhesus positive cells can be produced by the mother. These antibodies are known as anti-D antibodies. This process has no harmful effects on current pregnancy.
In case of another pregnancy with rhesus positive baby in the same woman, production of antibodies is more. These antibodies can cross the placenta and destroy the blood cells of baby which leads to a hemolytic disease of newborn called rhesus disease. This further leads to jaundice and anemia in the baby.

Blood pressure tests in pregnancy: During ANC profile testing, blood pressure of pregnant woman needs to be checked. An increase in blood pressure during pregnancy indicates presence of pregnancy-induced hypertension. It is common to observe lower blood pressure in the middle of pregnancy, compared to other times. A pregnant woman may feel lightheaded if blood pressure goes low. This is not a big issue and can be solved with proper medical advise.

Anemia: Anemia is a disease in which number of red blood cells (RBCs) get reduced below normal limit. Hemoglobin (Hb) and complete blood count are also considered while detecting anemia. Anemia in pregnancy makes a pregnant woman feel tired all the time. Because of this, pregnant woman's ability to cope up with blood loss at the time of delivery gets reduced. Iron and folic acid is recommended to anemic women. Women with following symptoms are more prone to anemia in pregnancy:

  1. Pregnant with more than one child
  2. Less time difference between two pregnancies
  3. Excessive vomiting as a result of morning sickness
  4. Low consumption of iron
  5. Presence of heavy pre-pregnancy menstrual flow

Blood Sugar test during pregnancy (Fasting and Post-meal): Test for diabetes needs to be performed during pregnancy. Blood sugar levels in fasting and post meal conditions are carried out. There is high risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy in women with family history of diabetes. Obese or overweight women are also prone to develop diabetes during pregnancy. Blood tests are carried out to detect presence of diabetes in pregnant women who are at high risk of getting diabetes.

Antenatal urine tests: Examination of urine is one of the tests in ANC profile during pregnancy. Urine analysis is carried out mainly to check the presence of proteins. If proteins are present in the urine, there are chances of infection. These infections in pregnant women need to be treated as early as possible. Pre-eclampsia can be a reason behind presence of proteins in the urine. This leads to seizures in some women. It can be life-threatening, if left untreated. Pre-eclampsia can affect health of fetus as well. Presence of Red blood cells (RBCs), crystals, bile pigments and sugar are also tested during urine analysis. It helps in diagnosis of jaundice, kidney stones and hypertension.

HIV-test, Screening for syphilis and Hepatitis B test: A blood test for three infectious diseases, viz. HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis are advised as a part of ANC profile test. This is usually carried out at 8-12 weeks of pregnancy. This helps in early detection of infections if any. This reduces risk of passing on an infection to the baby ultimately.

It is very essential to be healthy during pregnancy for both the pregnant women and the child they are carrying. Having good nutritional diet and healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep deficiencies away during pregnancy. These deficiencies mainly include iron-deficiency and vitamin-deficiency. Regular blood tests and treatments recommended by doctors need to be followed to avoid future complications.

The above mentioned packages give you an idea about ANC profile test available in different cities across India. Make a right decision by choosing the apt diagnostic center for health of your baby. Health of pregnant women and their babies both are precious. It is essential to undergo pregnancy testing at right time to achieve healthy child-birth.