Dengue Test Cost in Bengaluru

Dengue fever and fatalities due to the same are rising by the day. Therefore finding centers for testing and clearing yourself of the doubt that you could have dengue is essential. Testing for the same is available across several hospitals and diagnostic centers in every part of Bengaluru. The list you see ahead comprises of test rates and contact details of different diagnostic centers and hospitals in Bengaluru city that offer dengue tests.

Following are the Dengue Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Bengaluru.

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Dengue Test by Ebisu Diagnostics [HSR Layout]


Ebisu Diagnostics [HSR Layout]
2342, 27th Main Rd., Opp. to Gayatri Temple, 17th Cross Rd., Vanganahalli, First Sector
Area: HSR Layout [Bengaluru] - 02

Dengue Test by SigTuple Labs


SigTuple Labs
Gnd. Flr., Sanjeevani Building, L-175, Sector 6, Sector 6
Area: HSR Layout [Bengaluru] - 02

Dengue Test by Duplicate Focus Diagnostics Center


Duplicate Focus Diagnostics Center
1213, 20th Main Rd., 5th Block, West of Chord Rd., Service Rd., Dhobighat Circle, Beside Variar Bakery
Area: Rajajinagar [Bengaluru] - 10

Dengue Test by Focus Diagnostic [Chamarajpet]


Focus Diagnostic [Chamarajpet]
Solace Unit, 1/1,Chikanna Garden,5th main road,Chamarajpete, Bangalore - 560 018
Area: Chamrajpet [Bengaluru] - 18

Dengue Test by Focus Diagnostics Center [HSR]


Focus Diagnostics Center [HSR]
L 167, Outer Ring Rd., Sector 6
Area: HSR Layout [Bengaluru] - 02

Dengue Test by Credence Diagnostics Center-Bangalore


Credence Diagnostics Center-Bangalore
Area: Koramangala [Bengaluru] - 34

Dengue Test by Focus Diagnostics Center [Rajajinagar]


Focus Diagnostics Center [Rajajinagar]
20th Main Rd., Shivanahalli Circle, 5th Block, Beside Variar Bakery
Area: Rajajinagar [Bengaluru] - 10

Dengue Test by Radocs Diagnostics [Chamarajpet]


Radocs Diagnostics [Chamarajpet]
Sri Sai Ram Towers, 24, 5th Main Rd.
Area: Chamrajpet [Bengaluru] - 18

Dengue Test by Nightingales Home Health Services (Bangalore)


Nightingales Home Health Services (Bangalore)
Indiranagr, Jayanagr, Whitefield, Sahakarnagar, Domlur, Electronic City, HSR Layout, JP Ngr.
Area: Bengaluru -

Dengue Test by Tenet Diagnostics [Jayanagar]


Tenet Diagnostics [Jayanagar]
No. 46, 27th Cross, 3rd Main road, 7th Block
Area: Jayanagar [Bengaluru] - 82

Dengue is a disease that spreads due to bite of a mosquito of the Aedes aegypti nomenclature. Going for dengue testing as a precautionary and safety measure is important. After getting diagnosed with this disease, it can render you bedridden for atleast a week. Body rashes, headache with high fever, fatigue, muscle pain, getting tired at the slightest effort are few common symptoms of dengue fever. They shouldn't be ignored as that could only increase the period of recovery and immobility.

Molecular testing, complete blood count (CBC), antibody testing and Ns1 antigen testing are few types of dengue tests offered by health care providers for confirming if person has dengue.

  1. Molecular testing: It involves testing through finding genetic content of dengue virus
  2. Complete Blood Count: White blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelets are elements present in blood. Values of all these elements help the doctor in knowing whether dengue test would be positive or negative.
  3. Antibody testing: It involves testing 2 types of antibodies- immunoglobulinG(IgG) and Immunoglobulin M (IgM). Both of these antibody tests help the doctor in detecting presence of dengue virus in one's body.
  4. ELISA or enzyme linked immunosorbent assay: Also known as NS1 antigen test, it helps the doctor detect amount of antibody levels in your blood which in turn helps the doctor to initiate medication for dengue or no.

All the above tests are based on results provided by blood samples, which are taken through a vein in your arm. It is painless and takes very few minutes.

Doctors may order a dengue test if he notices following symptoms: