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Liver Function Tests (LFTs) evaluate the enzymes of your liver. Liver enzymes like Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP), Aminotransferase (AST) and Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) are assessed. Apart from these enzymes, this test also includes Albumin and Bilirubin tests. Albumin tests the amount of albumin, a protein, created by your liver whereas bilirubin test checks for the liver's ability to discard a waste product known as bilirubin. Following is a list of different diagnostic centers offering liver function tests in Chennai city.

Following are the LFT centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Chennai.

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LFT by Apollo Childrens Hospital (Thousand Lights)


Apollo Childrens Hospital (Thousand Lights)
No. 15, Shafee Mohammed Rd.
Area: Thousand Lights [Chennai] - 06

LFT by Rupas Clinical Laboratory


Rupas Clinical Laboratory
First Main Road, C Block, Annanagar East
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 02

LFT by Fortis Malar Hospital


Fortis Malar Hospital
No. 52, 1 st Main Rd., Gandhi Ngr., Near Dr. MGR Janaki College and Adyar Aavin
Area: Adyar [Chennai] - 20

LFT by Apollo Clinic (T Nagar)


Apollo Clinic (T Nagar)
New No. 61, Gopathi Narayana Swamy (G N Chetty) Rd., Near Hotel Accord
Area: T Nagar [Chennai] - 17

LFT by Nova Specialty Hospitals


Nova Specialty Hospitals
Plot No 41/42, M R C R A Pum, Sathyadev Ave, MRC Ngr., Raja Annamalai Puram
Area: Mylapore [Chennai] - 28

LFT by Lakshmi Maternity


Lakshmi Maternity
3rd Avenue, Indira nagar
Area: Adyar [Chennai] - 20

LFT by Vijaya Diagnostic Center And Vijaya Family Clinic (Saligramam)


Vijaya Diagnostic Center And Vijaya Family Clinic (Saligramam)
No.19, K.K. Salai Rd., Balaji Ngr.
Area: Saligramam [Chennai] - 92

LFT by City Hospital


City Hospital
26, Sardar Patel Rd.
Area: Adyar [Chennai] - 20

LFT by Premier Health Center


Premier Health Center
No. 43/7, Shanti Niketan Colony, Anna Ngr. West, Near Thirumangalam Temple
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 01
044-3329-9910 | 044-2615-3352

LFT by Premier Lab and X Ray


Premier Lab and X Ray
No 963 Crescent Court, Opp. YWCA Hostel, Poonmallae High Rd.
Area: Purasawalkam [Chennai] - 84
044-2641-1601 | 044-4217-4176 | 044-4217-4186 | 9840150661 | 8939914333

You doctor can ask you to go for a liver function test for many different reasons and also to prevent further liver related complications. These tests help you locate any symptoms of liver disorders, liver infections, or side effects of any drug in your system. If you already have liver disorders, or liver related complications, your doctor may ask you to repeat these tests in order to learn about your treatment's progress. LFTs can also be useful in detection of Liver Cirrhosis.

Before the test, your doctors may ask you to avoid certain food and medication that may affect the results of your test. They may also ask you to fast for sometime before the test. During the test, the examiner will clean the area of your skin with an antiseptic from where blood is to be withdrawn. Then, a needle will be injected into your veins of your arm to take a sample of your blood. After this procedure, a bandage is stuck to the pricked area.

Your test reports will also indicate the severity of your problems, whether they are minor or serious. Minor issues can be solved within time, but major issues of the liver can damage your liver to higher extent. After the test, you can continue with your daily chores.

You should visit your doctor for follow up check ups and counseling to ensure best treatment for you. Take necessary medicines on time that your doctor has prescribed for you. Follow all the dietary guidelines suggested to you by your doctor.