Dengue Test Cost in Chennai

Dengue test is recommended by doctor to people who experience symptoms of dengue after being exposed to area where mosquitoes are found in abundance. The test has to be conducted within few days of onset of symptoms. Delayed diagnosis of dengue can pose serious threats to health and may become fatal if not treated early. Below is the list of various medical centers in Chennai city where dengue test is available. For your comfort and convenience, we have compiled a list of such diagnostic centers. Along with the rates of the test, we have also provided contact number and addresses of the locations.

Following are the Dengue Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Chennai.

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Full Body Health Checkup
Master Health Checkup
Dengue Test by Lifeline Multispeciality Rigid Hospitals


Lifeline Multispeciality Rigid Hospitals
No. 47/3, New Avadi Rd., Near Pachayyapas College
Area: Kilpauk [Chennai] - 10
044-4245-4545 | -4294-9494 | 8754443366

Dengue Test by Rohini Scan Center


Rohini Scan Center
No. 1 Near Sai Baba Temple, Red Hills Rd., Ambattur, Kamalapuram Colony, Oragadam
Area: Ambattur [Chennai] - 53

Dengue Test by Duplicate Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital .


Duplicate Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital .
New No. 72, Old No. 148, Luz Church Rd., Opp. Indian Bank
Area: Mylapore [Chennai] - 04
044-4293-8938 | -4293-8900

Dengue Test by Sooriya Hospital


Sooriya Hospital
No. 1, Arunachalam Rd.
Area: Saligramam [Chennai] - 93
044-2376-1751-56 | 044-2376-1750

Dengue Test by Credence Diagnostics Center (Chennai)


Credence Diagnostics Center (Chennai)
T Ngr.
Area: T Nagar [Chennai] - 17

Dengue Test by Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital


Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital
New No 72 Old No 148, Luz Church Rd., Opp. Indian Bank
Area: Mylapore [Chennai] - 04
044-4293-8938 | 044-4293-8900

Dengue Test by Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute


Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute
Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Old Mahabalipuram Rd.
Area: Kelambakkam [Chennai] - 03
044-4741-1000 | -4741-1012 | -2747-5222 | -47428401 | 9841405000

Dengue Test by SP Hospital


SP Hospital
11, East Vellalar Street
Area: Adambakkam [Chennai] - 88

Dengue Test by Premier Health Center


Premier Health Center
No. 43/7, Shanti Niketan Colony, Anna Ngr. West, Near Thirumangalam Temple
Area: Anna Nagar [Chennai] - 01
044-3329-9910 | 044-2615-3352

Dengue Test by Premier Lab and X Ray


Premier Lab and X Ray
No 963 Crescent Court, Opp. YWCA Hostel, Poonmallae High Rd.
Area: Purasawalkam [Chennai] - 84
044-2641-1601 | 044-4217-4176 | 044-4217-4186 | 9840150661 | 8939914333

Dengue has to diagnosed in germinating stages. Symptoms of dengue can be similar tot hat of malaria. Hence, one may get confused to understand the disease based only on physical symptoms. Following symptoms of dengue are commonly revealed in the person affected by dengue:

It is myth that dengue is contagious. Dengue develops when Aedes mosquito bites a person who is already infected by the disease. Dengue virus then enters from the person's body into mosquito. When that infected mosquito bites a another individual, dengue virus enters into the body of that individual. This is how dengue spreads. The main cause of dengue fever is the Dengue virus (DENV) which is a mosquito-borne single positive-stranded RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) virus belonging to the family of Flaviviridae; genus Flavivirus.

Dengue test is a blood test wherein platelet counts and white blood cells counts are taken into consideration. Amount of antigens in the blood determine whether the person is infected by dengue or not. Body reacts to dengue virus by producing two types of antibodies- Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Immunoglobulin M (IgM) which combat with dengue virus.

Since, dengue test is a normal blood test, it is very safe and there are hardly any precautions patient has to take prior tot he test.