Double Marker Test Price in India

Prenatal tests are performed to check whether the fetus is in healthy condition or not. Double Marker Test is a significant test carried out during pregnancy. Presence of any kind of chromosomal abnormalities that might occur after conception can be detected by this test. It involves detection of pre-birth conditions of the fetus and is generally done after 8 weeks of pregnancy up to 14 weeks.

Various diagnostic centers and medical facilities are present which offer the facility of Double marker test in different cities across India. We have compiled a list of Double marker test packages available in India that can help you keep a check on your baby's normal growth during pregnancy. This list will help you to find the centers offering Double marker test in your own city.

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Double Marker Test Cost in Top 7 Cities

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As name indicates, Double marker test measures two important markers in the blood of pregnant women. These markers are,

  1. PAPP-A (Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein): Here, presence of PAPP-A in low level indicates risk for Trisomy 18 and 21 and Down's syndrome.
  2. Free Beta HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin): Here, presence of beta HCG in high levels shows risk for Down' syndrome and in low level for Trisomy 18 and 21.

The detection of pre-birth conditions of the fetus is carried out from 8 weeks of pregnancy up to 14 weeks only after performing an ultrasound test.

Importance of pre-natal tests

All expected parents hope for a healthy baby. It is a new meaningful chapter in their life. It is hard not to worry sometimes, as this is completely natural. Pre-natal tests help assure the health of both the pregnant women and their unborn babies. Getting educated about pregnancy and tests associated with it is very important for the expecting parents.

Pre-natal tests are advised to be done in the first trimester. Key things about the mother's health which can influence health of the baby are given below:

  1. Type of blood
  2. Presence of anemia
  3. Immunity to some diseases
  4. Presence of sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
  5. Presence of gestational diabetes

Pre-natal tests help in determining following abnormalities in developing child:

  1. Characteristics of the baby, such as age, size, sex and position in the uterus
  2. Fetal abnormalities such as heart problems
  3. Birth defect possibilities in the baby
  4. Genetic defect possibilities in the baby

Some pre-natal tests are screening tests and reveal only about the possibility of disease. On the other hand, some pre-natal tests are diagnostic in nature which help determine the problem with fair degree of certainty.

Significance of Double Marker Test

As a result of late matrimony concept these days, chromosomal abnormalities are seen frequently, compared to the older times. Pregnant women have to undergo many tests during pregnancy. As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, a series of tests are recommended to her. Many of such tests need to be done during first trimester while some tests are carried out after this period. It is very essential for the health of mother and the baby. Most of the times, when there is a known medical history of chromosomal abnormalities, double marker test is recommended for pregnant women. With necessary precautions, chances of healthy baby-birth may increase.

Double marker test helps in identifying the risk for Down's syndrome in the baby. This is very important for women who get pregnant after the age of 35. For women above 35 years of age, chances of having babies with Down's syndrome or chromosomal imbalance rises. It is recommended that all pregnant women should go through this test to ensure normal growth of their baby.

Down's syndrome or Trisomy 21 is an incurable genetic disorder which involves significant physical and mental abnormalities. It affects people in different manner. Some people have mild form of Down's syndrome while others may be affected by its severe form. Expectant parents are required to make decisions about their baby's health through pre-natal tests which give idea about presence or absence of Down's syndrome.

There are many types of screening tests available in various hospitals. These are simple blood tests or combination of blood tests with ultrasound tests. Such type of screening tests inform about the risk of complications.

Accuracy of Double marker test

Based on the quality of the sonography machine, accuracy of double marker test can be decided. A well-trained and experienced test conductor also affects the test quality.

Advantages of Double Marker Test

  1. Positive test results of Double marker test may lead to further diagnostic tests for confirmation of abnormalities.
  2. Detection rates are high in case of Double marker test.
  3. Termination of pregnancy can be possible at early stages due to early detection of fetus abnormalities.
  4. Early detection helps reduce complications of early pregnancy termination.

It has been found that pre-natal tests that involve two markers in combination with maternal age, specifically PAPP-A and free βhCG are far better than those involving single marker with and without age. The detection rate is higher when two markers are used instead of one. It is essential for all pregnant women to take care of their health which ultimately affects growth of their child. Detecting serious complications in the fetus in early stages is significant in real sense. A mother gives life to the baby. It is a great way to ensure that she is giving quality health to her child. To avoid complications in future, tests like Double marker play an important role. It acts as the perfect alarm towards various pre- natal genetic complications.

We are here to help you take the right decision for preventing possible child-birth complications. Please go through our list of medical centers with the provision of Double marker test and secure the health of your baby in advance. We wish you a healthy baby-birth!