HSG Test Price in India

HSG Test Prices in India

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test is becoming known among people as infertility has become a pretty common woe among women today in every continent. HSG, is an X-ray test usually done by women suffering from infertility issues. With the career-oriented attitude and cut-throat competition in the professional world, motherhood has been relegated to the back-burner. Climbing the professional ladder is becoming a priority these days than giving birth. The average age of motherhood is becoming more and more unpredictable for married women and girls in the quest for career success.

There are many diagnostic centers and medical centers offering facility of HSG test in different cities across India. Hereby compiled is a list of HSG test packages available in India that are enough to help you address your infertility issues. This list will help you to locate the centers offering HSG tests nearest to you.

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HSG Test Cost in Top 7 Cities

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  2. Mumbai HSG Test Prices
  3. Kolkata HSG Test Prices
  4. Chennai HSG Test Prices
  5. Pune HSG Test Prices
  6. Hyderabad HSG Test Prices
  7. Bengaluru HSG Test Prices

If you are a woman struggling to usher in your bundle of joy, but unable to do so, then this is the perfect page to enlighten you on infertility issues and tests for the same.

HSG Test Procedure
HSG test enables the doctor to get an understanding about the insides of fallopian tubes and uterus. Blockage and dilation of the fallopian tubes and any abnormalities in uterus are also revealed because of this test. The HSG test is also capable to reveal anomalies like submucous fibroids, intrauterine adhesions uterine and vaginal septa uterine cavity abnormalities, genital tuberculosis, endometrial polyps. The test entails, insertion of a thin tube containing a dye through the vagina into the uterus. X-ray beam is passed after insertion of dye which helps the doctor in noting abnormal structure of uterus and fallopian tubes and also if blockages that prevent an egg to pass from tubes to uterus are present. The dye used is responsible for expanding the blocked tubes. This test typically lasts anywhere between 15-30 minutes.

Numerous women have been able to conceive right after undergoing an HSG test. Advantages of this type aren't restricted to this point alone. Few more benefits are as follows:

  • No complications involved - Since Hysterosalpingogram test is minimally invasive in nature, it does not involve any major complications.
  • Maximum information - HSG test is capable to provide maximum information like reasons that have led to infertility and also why the woman has not been able to conceive.
  • Opening up of fallopian tubes - Hysterosalpingogram test is also known to open up the fallopian tubes; thus making the task of conception easier for many women wanting to have a child.
  • Endometrial cavity analysis - HSG is a better mode to conduct endometrial cavity analysis and abnormalities which are largely intrauterine.

Few points to be kept in mind before going in for the HSG test:

  • Make sure to see your gynecologist minimum 5 days after your menstrual cycle.
  • Make sure to carry a sanitary pad along as the dye used remains, and there is little bleeding possible too.
  • Make sure to notify your doctor if you are suffering from any sexually transmitted disease.
  • It is important to make the doctor know if you are allergic to any substances.
  • Telling the doctor if you are on any type of medication-blood-thinning or otherwise is necessary.
  • The contrast medium used in this test can lead to kidney damage. So if you are a diabetic on kidney medication, do notify your gynecologist.
  • Make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing tight-fitted jeans or body-hugging dresses.
  • Make sure to leave any metal accessories like earrings, bracelets and anklets at home. Since they are metallic, they are likely to come in contact with the X-ray machine.

Experiencing one or few of the following is normal:

  • Vaginal bleeding - Spotting due to vaginal bleeding happens after undergoing a Hysterosalpingogram test
  • Cramps - Cramps similar to menstrual ones are possible too.
  • Dizziness - You may also experience a feeling of dizziness and spinning. Do not panic, it is normal.

The above packages give you a rough idea about HSG tests available in different cities across India. These packages can be customized according to your needs and requirements. We have compiled the list for ease of readers. So make an informed decision about the packages with our help. Your health is as precious to us as it is for you.