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Liver function tests evaluates liver enzymes present in blood like Aspartate aminotransferase (AST), Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) and Alanine aminotransferase (ALT). The test includes two important parameters like Albumin test (assesses how well liver is creating the protein albumin) and bilirubin test (assesses livers ability to eliminate waste product bilirubin) which gives you an insight regarding your liver health. If you are a resident of Hyderabad and looking for a diagnostic center where facility of Liver function Test is available, then you are at the right page! Addresses of various laboratories and hospitals, along with their estimated price of test has also been provided.

Following are the LFT centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Hyderabad.

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Liver Function Test

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LFT by Virinchi Hospital (Banjara Hills)


Virinchi Hospital (Banjara Hills)
Virinchi Hospitals, Virinchi Circle, Shyam Rao Ngr., Rd. No.12&1, Near Pension Office
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 34

LFT by Dr. Lal Path Labs (Hyderabad)


Dr. Lal Path Labs (Hyderabad)
Sample Collection All Over Hyderabad Area
Area: Hyderabad -

LFT by Yashoda Hospitals (Malakpet)


Yashoda Hospitals (Malakpet)
Nalgonda X Rd.s
Area: Malakpet [Hyderabad] - 36

LFT by Religare Diagnostics


Religare Diagnostics
Gouri Shankar Ngr. Colony
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 34

LFT by Gleneagles Global Hospitals (LB Nagar)


Gleneagles Global Hospitals (LB Nagar)
Sagar Rd.
Area: LB Nagar [Hyderabad] - 35

LFT by Omega Hospitals (Banjara Hills)


Omega Hospitals (Banjara Hills)
No. 8-2-293/82/L/276A, MLA Colony, Rd. No. 12
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 34

LFT by SRL Diagnostics (Begumpet)


SRL Diagnostics (Begumpet)
G-2, 7-1-59/2 AND 7-1-59/6, Mandhana Towers, Ameerpet
Area: Begumpet [Hyderabad] - 16

LFT by Srl Diagnostics (Dilshuknagar)


Srl Diagnostics (Dilshuknagar)
No. 21-112/B, Rd. No 4/a, Sharada Ngr., Saroor Ngr., Near Ghandi Strach
Area: Dilsukhnagar [Hyderabad] - 44

LFT by Srl Diagnostic Center (Vidya Nagar)


Srl Diagnostic Center (Vidya Nagar)
Door No 1-9-114 To 1117, Street No 11,Beside Lane ICICI Bank, Opp. To Andhra Mahila Sabha Hospital
Area: Vidya Nagar [Hyderabad] - 44

LFT by Dr.R.R. Diagnostics


Dr.R.R. Diagnostics
1-2-33/2, Gagnmahal Rd., Domalaguda, Himayat Ngr.
Area: Himayat Nagar [Hyderabad] - 29

Liver is one of the most important organs of our body. Liver produces bile which is important for smooth functioning of digestive system. It also helps in detoxifying blood and combats side-effects of medications, alcohol and drugs.

Liver function test assesses following components (liver enzymes) that are found in blood:

Liver Function Test helps to diagnose wide range of liver complications and problems such as monitoring side-effects of medications on liver, liver infections like hepatitis C, to check whether liver treatment has produced any desired outcome or not, etc. Liver cirrhosis disease can also be tracked using LFT.

LFT requires patient to fast for 8-12 hours prior to the test. Hence, it is usually performed in the morning. If you undertaking medications for treatment of any other disease or taking pain killers, it is important that you let your doctor know about it.

Few things that are hazardous for liver health are, consuming alcohol in excess, addiction to drugs, fatty liver and unhealthy eating habits. Fatty liver is a result of lack of exercise and consuming foods loaded with refined flour and white sugar. Hence, to avoid liver diseases, it is mandatory that you keep alcohol intake in check, say no to drugs, exercise and eat healthy food items.