Thyroid Profile Cost in Hyderabad

Thyroid profile is a group of blood tests that evaluates functioning of thyroid gland which is located in the lower part of your neck. If you are searching for available center across Hyderabad city for thyroid profile tests, then here are some medical centers and diagnostic centers shortlisted for you. You can find other details like rates, address and contact number of the diagnostic center. Thus, you can select suitable center that caters to your requirements and budget.

Thyroid Profile at Attapur

Thyroid Profile at Attapur

Location: First Health Diagnostics, Rainbow Archies, Ground Floor, Pillar 180, Near Happy Homes & Solitaire Gym, Attapur
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Following are the Thyroid Profile centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Hyderabad.

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Thyroid Profile Test

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Thyroid Profile by Gleneagles Global Hospitals (LB Nagar)


Gleneagles Global Hospitals (LB Nagar)
Sagar Rd.
Area: LB Nagar [Hyderabad] - 35

Thyroid Profile by Apollo Emergency Center


Apollo Emergency Center
Sri SAI Arcade, Opp. SAI Baba Temple, Bhagyanagar Colony, Near Chennai Shopping Mall
Area: Kukatpally [Hyderabad] - 72
040-2316-0041 | 040-2316-0039 | -1860500166

Thyroid Profile by Care Hospitals (Banjara Hills)


Care Hospitals (Banjara Hills)
Door NO 6-3-248 / 1/A, Rd. No 1, Opp. Taj
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 34

Thyroid Profile by Kamineni Hospital- L B Nagar


Kamineni Hospital- L B Nagar
L B Ngr.
Area: Nagole [Hyderabad] - 68

Thyroid Profile by Yashoda Hospitals (Malakpet)


Yashoda Hospitals (Malakpet)
Nalgonda X Rd.s
Area: Malakpet [Hyderabad] - 36

Thyroid Profile by Medcis Labs (Hyderabad)


Medcis Labs (Hyderabad)
Home sample pickup all over Hyderabad and Secunderabad
Area: Hyderabad -

Thyroid Profile by Malla Reddy Narayana Hrudayalaya


Malla Reddy Narayana Hrudayalaya
1-1-216, Suraram 'X' Rd.s
Area: Vikaspuri [Hyderabad] - 38
040-2378-3090 | 040-2378-3101

Thyroid Profile by Dr. Lal Path Labs (Hyderabad)


Dr. Lal Path Labs (Hyderabad)
Sample Collection All Over Hyderabad Area
Area: Hyderabad -

Thyroid Profile by Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital


Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital
16-2-674/11, Judges Colony, New Malakpet
Area: Malakpet [Hyderabad] - 59
040-2455-2424 | 040-2455-2323

Thyroid Profile by Medcis Labs (Hyderabad)


Medcis Labs (Hyderabad)
Home sample pickup all over Hyderabad and Secunderabad
Area: Hyderabad -

The thyroid gland resembles the shape of a butterfly and secretes two kinds of hormones- triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4). Thyroid profile test checks for the presence of two conditions- hypothyroidism (under active thyroid functioning) and hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid functioning). Both of these conditions depend on secretion of hormones by thyroid gland.

Thyroid test is a simple blood test and does not require fasting. One can resume their daily routine immediately after the test. The test checks for TSH, thyrotropin (Thyroid stimulating hormone) in donar's blood sample. If the test reveals positive results, then further thyroid tests are conducted to access levels of T3 and T4 (thyroid hormones) in blood.

With proper medication and treatments, thyroid disorders can be controlled. It is important that patients take their medications on time so that the disorder can be brought into control.

Patients suffering from following diseases are at an increased risk of thyroid problems and are often advised to undergo thyroid profile tests:

Thyroid profile test can also be performed on new born babies to detect inherited thyroid disorders.

Tips to prevent thyroid disorders are: