HSG Test Cost in Hyderabad

HSG Test Prices in Hyderabad

If you are a resident of Hyderabad and looking out for diagnostic centers in the city offering HSG test, then continue reading ahead to find a list of hospitals and laboratories available. We have also mentioned hospitals along with their rates so as to save your time and enhance convenience. The rates for this test may vary from center to center. Thus you get enough options to choose center according to your budget and location preference.

HSG Test at Chanda Nagar

HSG Test at Chanda Nagar

Location: Tesla Diagnostic's, Venkateshwara Swamy Temple Street, Behind Bata Showroom
Test Name / PriceOrder Now
1600/- 1280/-
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HSG Test at Suchitra Circle

HSG Test at Suchitra Circle

Location: Tesla Diagnostics, 2nd Flr., Above Reliance Trends, Medchal Road
Test Name / PriceOrder Now
1600/- 1280/-
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HSG Test at Banjara Hills

HSG Test at Banjara Hills

Location: Vista Imaging & Medical Centre, #8-2-598/A/37/E, Road No. 10
Test Name / PriceOrder Now
3340/- 2672/-
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HSG Test at Attapur

HSG Test at Attapur

Location: First Health Diagnostics, Rainbow Archies, Ground Floor, Pillar 180, Near Happy Homes & Solitaire Gym, Attapur
Test Name / PriceOrder Now
2000/- 1600/-
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HSG Test at Karkhana

HSG Test at Karkhana

Location: Navjeevan Hospitals, Plot No 90, P&T Colony, Vikrampuri
Test Name / PriceOrder Now
2000/- 1600/-
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Following are the HSG Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Hyderabad.

Executive Health Checkup
Full Body Health Checkup
Master Health Checkup
HSG Test by Virinchi Hospital (Banjara Hills)


Virinchi Hospital (Banjara Hills)
Virinchi Hospitals, Virinchi Circle, Shyam Rao Ngr., Rd. No.12&1, Near Pension Office
Area: Banjara Hills [Hyderabad] - 34

HSG Test by Malla Reddy Narayana Hrudayalaya


Malla Reddy Narayana Hrudayalaya
1-1-216, Suraram 'X' Rd.s
Area: Vikaspuri [Hyderabad] - 38
040-2378-3090 | 040-2378-3101

HSG Test by Exo Path Lab [Madhapur]


Exo Path Lab [Madhapur]
MaxCure Hospitals, Behind Cyber Towers, Lane Next to McDonalds, Hitech City
Area: Madhapur [Hyderabad] - 81

HSG Test by Vijaya Diagnostic Center (Yousufguda)


Vijaya Diagnostic Center (Yousufguda)
Door No 8-3-224/6, First Flr., Beside Ratnadeep Super Market, Yousufguda
Area: Yousufguda [Hyderabad] - 45

HSG Test by Medicure Plus Diagnostic Center (Attapur)


Medicure Plus Diagnostic Center (Attapur)
House No 3-2-172, Flat No 101, Sri Sai Venkata Residency, Beside Janapriya School Hyderguda X Rd.
Area: Attapur [Hyderabad] - 48

HSG Test by First Health Diagnostics - Attapur


First Health Diagnostics - Attapur
Rainbow Archies, Gnd. Flr., Pillar 180, Near Happy Homes and Solitaire Gym
Area: Attapur [Hyderabad] - 48

HSG Test by Sri Krishna Sai Diagnostics


Sri Krishna Sai Diagnostics
House No 6 3 788 20, Main Rd., Opp. Big Bazaar
Area: Begumpet [Hyderabad] - 16
040-2341-3666 | 040-6550-7022

HSG Test by Sri Sai Dianostics


Sri Sai Dianostics
Beside TVS Showroom Line
Area: Kukatpally [Hyderabad] - 49

HSG Test by Kamala Hospital


Kamala Hospital
Door No 16-11-739/1/2, Kamala Complex, Near Chandana Brothers
Area: Dilsukhnagar [Hyderabad] - 60
040-4464-9999 | 040-2415-2266 | 040-2415-2277

HSG Test by Kailash Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Center


Kailash Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Center
5-4-183 To 199, J N Rd., Mozamjahi Market
Area: Nampally [Hyderabad] - 01
040-2461-3830 | 040-2461-2762

A Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is a radiological test that is used to evaluate fertility potential of women. This test examines the structure of fallopian tubes and uterus in order to understand the reason for infertility. The images obtained during the test help doctor in diagnosing injuries and irregularities in womb (uterus) and fallopian tubes and is able to establish reasons behind delayed pregnancy. HSG test can also be used to know if surgery for reversing tubal ligation has been successful or not.

HSG test is normally done 10-12 days after you get menstrual cycle. A thin tube is inserted into vagina and through it, contrast material is injected into uterus through vagina and cervix. The contrast material then flows to fallopian tubes since it is connected to uterus. Pictures are generated simultaneously by passing beam of X-ray over uterus. Images thus obtained help doctor in diagnosing disorders such as uterine abnormalities, fibroids, polyps and tumors. Sometimes, it may happen that there is a blockage in fallopian tube that prevents travel of egg to uterus or there is some problem which prevents egg from merging with sperm. HSG test also helps in detecting those problems. Time taken to complete the procedure is 15-30 minutes. It is a relatively painless procedure.

It is essential that you let your doctor know about over-the-counter medications you are intaking and also about blood thinning medications. It is also important that you let him know about the substances you are allergic to since the procedure makes use of contrast material. Kidney disorder patients and diabetic patients also need to let the doctor know about their condition.