2D Echo Test Cost in Kolkata

2D Echo Test Prices in Kolkata

A 2D echo test is a test to display the structure of the heart and evaluate it based on the results obtained. 2D echo is also known as cardiac ultrasound, cardiac ultrasonography, echocardiography, and doppler ultrasound. If you are in search of a 2D echo test centre in kolkata, we have provided you with the list of available hospitals and clinics that offers this test along with their respective prices.

Following are the 2D Echo Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

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2D Echo Test by Suburban Clinic [Behala]


Suburban Clinic [Behala]
67, Diamond Harbour Rd., New Alipore
Area: Alipore [Kolkata] - 38

2D Echo Test by Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic


Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic
227, First Flr., Anandalok Apartment, Opp. State Bank Of India, A J C Bose Rd.
Area: Sreepally [Kolkata] - 20
033-2287-4887 | 033-6545-7164 | 9830028882

2D Echo Test by Ben Nevis Diagnostic Center


Ben Nevis Diagnostic Center
Rawdon Chambers, Opp. Kookie Jar
Area: Rawdon Street [Kolkata] - 17
033-4008-6774 | -7044523771

2D Echo Test by Diemension Medicare Center


Diemension Medicare Center
8 A, Beside S S K M Hospital, Harish Mukherjee Rd.
Area: Sreepally [Kolkata] - 20
033-2223-2593 | 033-6532-2266 | 9831498158

2D Echo Test by Narayana Multispeciality Hospital


Narayana Multispeciality Hospital
78, Near Duck Banglow More
Area: Jessore Road South [Kolkata] - 27

2D Echo Test by Medi Point [Kalighat]


Medi Point [Kalighat]
Sarat Bose Rd., Near Shishu Mangal Hospital, Near Hazra Crossing
Area: Kalighat [Kolkata] - 26

2D Echo Test by Diagnostic Recovery Laboratory


Diagnostic Recovery Laboratory
Area: Nilmoni Mitra Street [Kolkata] - 06
033-2554-9777 | 033-3293-2622 | 9933554048

2D Echo Test by Suraksha Diagnostic and Eye Center PVT LTD (Maniktala Main Road)


Suraksha Diagnostic and Eye Center PVT LTD (Maniktala Main Road)
P118,Scheme VI M, C I T Road, Nr Phoolbagan Bata
Area: Maniktala Main Road [Kolkata] - 54
033-6605-9650 | 033-6605-9750 | 09830115143

2D Echo Test by Suraksha Diagnostic (Barasat)


Suraksha Diagnostic (Barasat)
83/10, Anima Apartment, Jessore Rd., Barasat, Near Dakbanglow More Crossing
Area: Barasat [Kolkata] - 24
033--6605-9850 | 033-6605-9853

2D Echo Test by Suraksha Diagnostic PVT LTD (Prafulla Kanan)


Suraksha Diagnostic PVT LTD (Prafulla Kanan)
B B 99, Prafulla Kanan, Near Mukesh Honda Showroom, V I P Park
Area: Prafulla Kanan [Kolkata] - 01
033-6605-9804 | 033-6605-9800 | 033-3011-8800 | 9830730000

2D echo is a test for diagnosing and taking images of condition of the heart. After a certain age, one must undertake a cardiac test. This may lead to a better and healthy life for you.

During the 2D test, first you are injected with a dye in the veins of your arms. There are electrodes stuck on your chest at distinct points. A transducer is used to take images of various regions of your heart. At the same time, the computer stores every captured image that can be inspected further by your doctor.

Your doctor can advice you to undergo this test to check for inflammations, arrhythemia, pumping, congenital heart diseases, and many other reasons. This procedure also helps your doctors to access the size and functioning of the parts of your heart. Conditions like Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) can cause holes in the atria and ventricle. These conditions can be detected using 2D echo test.

The above list helps you to choose among different diagnostic centres in Kolkata. It contains all the basic necessary information that you need. Go through all the mentioned details and select the best centre according to your requirements and budget. If you still find these mentioned prices unsuitable with your budget, we can modify it for your service.