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Liver plays an important role in our body. It is a reddish brown organ, located at the upper right region of the abdominal cavity, above the stomach. It performs many important functions of the body. Liver function tests (LFTs) are done to know if there are any irregularities in the functioning of the liver. You are provided with a list of Kolkata's liver function test centres and prices.

Following are the LFT centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

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Liver Function Test

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LFT by Bio Life


Bio Life
22 , R.G kar road, opposite Standard Chartered bank
Area: Shyambazar [Kolkata] - 04
033-6457-3092 | 9830341081

LFT by B N S Clinic and Health Care


B N S Clinic and Health Care
414/1, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Rd., Opp 6 No Bus Stand
Area: Naktala [Kolkata] - 47
033-2430-6104 | 033-3200-5353 | 9836338888

LFT by Srl Aneek Medicamm


Srl Aneek Medicamm
32/6, gariya hat road, Near United bank of India
Area: Dhakuria [Kolkata] - 31
033-3313-7454 | 033-6565-4565

LFT by SRL Diagnostics (Behala)


SRL Diagnostics (Behala)
No. 34, Gnd. Flr., Shop No. 10, Banamali Naskar Road, Near Behala Club
Area: Behala [Kolkata] - 60
033-2498-1009 | 9051945584 | 9836539334

LFT by Health Line Clinic


Health Line Clinic
Shop No. DB-1/6, Rail Pukur Rd., Shastribagan, Joramandir, Desh Bandhu Ngr.
Area: Baguiati [Kolkata] - 59
033-3301-5787 | 9830132924

LFT by Bio Seetal


Bio Seetal
No.20, Camac Street, Near Pantaloon
Area: Taltala [Kolkata] - 16

LFT by SRL Diagnostics (Elgin)


SRL Diagnostics (Elgin)
24, Abanindranath Thakur Sarani, Camac St., Park Street area
Area: Elgin [Kolkata] - 16

LFT by Religare Labs


Religare Labs
AN Block, Salt Lake City
Area: Salt Lake [Kolkata] - 91

LFT by SRL Diagnostics


SRL Diagnostics
Shyam Bazar St, Girish Park, Hedua
Area: Beniatola [Kolkata] - 05
033-3255-6662 | 033-3020-3422

LFT by Super Religare Laboratories


Super Religare Laboratories
30 B, Chowringhee Mansion, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd.
Area: Entally [Kolkata] - 16
033-3020-3400 | 033-2226-7333

Certain precautions are needed to be taken before undergoing a liver function test. Patients are asked to fast for around 8-10 hours before the test compulsorily. Also, if you are under any other medication, you must let your doctor know about it. Doctors withdraw some blood samples through the veins of your arm for this test. These samples are examined to detect the level of the enzymes in your liver. Albumin, Alkaline Phosphate (ALP), etc. produced by the liver, are also measured.

Patients must undergo and follow proper medication and treatment to avoid further complications. In order to keep your liver healthy and problem free, one should consume more of alkaline food like avocados, olive oil, beet roots,etc. Heavy consumption of alcohol can also damage your liver. Hence, alcoholics are advised for this test very often. Obesity and consumption of drugs can also lead to an unhealthy liver.

Different centres in Kolkata are well known to provide liver function tests. You can easily find the best centre through the above list of data provided to you. Based on the prices of liver function tests various facilities are provided. You can look for a convenient place that meets your requirements and budget. In case you find any difficulty with these estimations, it can be modified for your service.