Triple Marker Test Cost in Kolkata

As the name indicates, the Triple marker test involves detection of three important substances present in the placenta, viz. Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and an estrogen called Estriol. It is an important test for confirmation of genetic and birth abnormalities. It is always recommended to carry out such tests as early as possible during pregnancy so that further complications can be avoided. Provided below is the list of renowned diagnosis centers and laboratories for Triple marker test located in Kolkata.

Following are the Triple Marker Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

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Triple Marker Test by Reliance Diagnostics


Reliance Diagnostics
AE 337, Near Sen Mahashaya Bus Stand, Salt Lake City, Sector 1
Area: Sarani [Kolkata] - 64
033-2359-2472 | 033-2359-2473 | 9830089377 | 9836910007

Triple Marker Test by Diagnostic Recovery Laboratory


Diagnostic Recovery Laboratory
Area: Nilmoni Mitra Street [Kolkata] - 06
033-2554-9777 | 033-3293-2622 | 9933554048

Triple Marker Test by Neotia Diagnostics Center


Neotia Diagnostics Center
2, Opp. Assembly Of God Church
Area: Rawdon Street [Kolkata] - 17
033-4040-5130 | 033-4040-5142 | 033-4040-5142 | 033-4040-5000

Triple Marker Test by Venus Diagnostic Center


Venus Diagnostic Center
58/4, Near J N Roy Hospital
Area: Raja Dinendra Street [Kolkata] - 06
033-2354-7893 | 033-2354-7894 | 8420171314 | 9748998009

Triple Marker Test by Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic


Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic
227, First Flr., Anandalok Apartment, Opp. State Bank Of India, A J C Bose Rd.
Area: Sreepally [Kolkata] - 20
033-2287-4887 | 033-6545-7164 | 9830028882

Triple Marker Test by Institute of Health Profesions (Barrackpore)


Institute of Health Profesions (Barrackpore)
23/28, Sashi Bhusan Ghosh Rd., Barrackpore
Area: Barrackpore [Kolkata] - 23

Triple Marker Test by Institute of Health Professions (Dumdum)


Institute of Health Professions (Dumdum)
Area: Dumdum [Kolkata] - 74

Triple Marker Test by Institute of Health Professions (Naihati)


Institute of Health Professions (Naihati)
23/28, Sashi Bhusan Ghosh Rd.
Area: Barrackpore [Kolkata] - 65

Triple Marker Test by Bio Life


Bio Life
22 , R.G kar road, opposite Standard Chartered bank
Area: Shyambazar [Kolkata] - 04
033-6457-3092 | 9830341081

Triple Marker Test by Super Religare Laboratories (Salt Lake)


Super Religare Laboratories (Salt Lake)
D N 52, Gnd. Flr. & 8th Flr., Srijan Tech Park
Area: Salt Lake [Kolkata] - 91
033-3940-1111 | 033-3020-3421

Triple marker test is also called as multiple marker test, Bart's test, Kettering test, Triple test or AFP plus test. This test gives an idea about the likelihood of a woman giving birth to multiple children.

The procedure of this test involves collection of blood from the pregnant woman. This takes 5 to 10 minutes. The sample is then sent to a licensed laboratory for confirmation of abnormalities in fetus. The results can be obtained within few days. During the test, apart from pain and discomfort of blood collection, no other risks have been reported. This test is carried out between the 15th and 20th week of pregnancy; although results received between the 16th -18th week are considered to be the most correct ones.

Triple marker test can be recommended to all pregnant women. Special advise is given to women over age of 35, with family history of genetic abnormalities, diabetic women on insulin treatment, women with viral infection during pregnancy and women exposed to harmful medications during pregnancy.

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