HSG Test Cost in Kolkata

HSG Test Prices in Kolkata

HSG stands for Hysterosalpingogram. It is a type of X-Ray that is required to analyze reproductive system of females. This test is used by women who find trouble getting pregnant. By taking this test, doctors can find the reason behind this issue. There are many maternity care hospitals and clinics that offer HSC test. For your benefit, we have procured a list of HSG diagnostic centre across Kolkata. Go through the given prices and other necessary information.

Following are the HSG Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

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HSG Test by Rayland Diagnostic Center


Rayland Diagnostic Center
45/1 & 45/2, Opp. Health Care Gaja goli, Sahid Mangal Pandey Sarani
Area: Barrackpore [Kolkata] - 20
033-2592-2712 | 033-2592-5936 | 033-2592-2080 | 033-2594-0619 | 9830060309

HSG Test by Millennium Health Care


Millennium Health Care
BE-87, Sector I, Near C.A.P. Camp Bus Stop
Area: Salt Lake [Kolkata] - 64

HSG Test by Gynae Care Diagnostic Center


Gynae Care Diagnostic Center
1/2, Harish Mukherjee Rd., Behind Gol Mandir And P.G Hospital
Area: Bhowanipore [Kolkata] - 25

HSG Test by Dr Roys Diagnostic Center


Dr Roys Diagnostic Center
136/1, B K Paul Avenue, Near Sovabazar Metro Station
Area: Shova Bazar [Kolkata] - 05
033-2530-7881 | 033-2543-1899 | 033-6450-5070 | 9231406458

HSG Test by Xpons Diagnostic Center


Xpons Diagnostic Center
30/14, Station, Opp. Dudh Bazar
Area: S M Ali Road [Kolkata] - 23
033-2545-0142 | 9231235195 | 9831477468 | 9239285171

HSG Test by Global Ultra Scan & Diagnostics


Global Ultra Scan & Diagnostics
Near Narendrapur Petrol Pump
Area: Kamalgazi More [Kolkata] - 03
033-2427-2405 | 033-6565-6640

HSG Test by Review Diagnostics


Review Diagnostics
3b, near indira hospital, 13, Raja Manindra Road, Gangulipara
Area: Paikpara [Kolkata] - 37
033-3297-7670 | 033-2532-0099 | 9748974353 | 9830707516

HSG Test by Sen Diagnostics


Sen Diagnostics
P- 40, In Between Central Metro To Poddar Court
Area: New C I T Road [Kolkata] - 73
033-6452-9710 | 9836115152 | 9836116868

HSG Test by Probe Diagnostic


Probe Diagnostic
121, A J C Bose Rd., Opp. N R S Hospital And Beside Loreto School, Sealdah
Area: Entally [Kolkata] - 14
033-2217-1184 | 033-2227-1379 | 9831462532 | 9831004652

HSG Test by Spiral Diagnostics


Spiral Diagnostics
282, First Flr., Near Ganesh Talkies Crossing
Area: Rabindra Sarani [Kolkata] - 07
033-2259-0994 | 033-2259-1022 | 9831073092 | 9239361854

HSG test gives you the status of the condition of your uterus and fallopian tubes. The fallopian tubes are responsible to carry the eggs released by the ovary, to the uterus. The fetus then grows and develop inside the amniotic sac of uterus.

During HSG scan, a thin tube is used to inject a contrast material in your body. This material is used to identify the part of the body that requires to be scanned. It is also used to generate a clear image which helps in further analysis. The tube is infused into the vagina, directing it towards uterine cavity. The material flows through the fallopian tube connecting the uterus passing a beam of X ray. In such a way, pictures are received and captured. The received pictures help the doctors to find if there is any abnormality, swelling, blockages or injuries in the fallopian tubes or uterus.

Your doctors must know about all the medications you take, or if you are allergic to iodine, or you are diabetic; before you take this test. Various medicines and health conditions may hamper your test results. It takes about 10-20 minutes for this test.

The above provided data gives you an overview about HSG scan, and many available diagnostic centres in Kolkata with the price of this test. These price values can be altered if at all it does not suit your budget.