Dengue Test Cost in Kolkata

Dengue is a disease caused due to infectious mosquito bite. If you are suspicious of showing the likely symptoms of dengue, you should get yourself tested as soon as possible. If you are tested positive for dengue test, you are required to rest for at-least a week. List of dengue test centers and laboratories in Kolkata are as follows:

Following are the Dengue Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

Executive Health Checkup
Full Body Health Checkup
Master Health Checkup
Dengue Test by Doctors and Doctors


Doctors and Doctors
Nbcc Shopping Centre, Nbcc Vt Campus Rd., Street No 175, New Town
Area: New Town [Kolkata] - 56

Dengue Test by Sethi Diagnostic and Medicare


Sethi Diagnostic and Medicare
Sourin Roy Rd.
Area: Behala [Kolkata] - 34

Dengue Test by Bio Life


Bio Life
22 , R.G kar road, opposite Standard Chartered bank
Area: Shyambazar [Kolkata] - 04
033-6457-3092 | 9830341081

Dengue Test by AMRI Hospitals (Salt Lake)


AMRI Hospitals (Salt Lake)
Saltlake Annexe KB 24
Area: Saltlake City [Kolkata] - 98

Dengue Test by Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute (Kolkata)


Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute (Kolkata)
111 A, Rash Behari Avenue
Area: Gariahat [Kolkata] - 29

Dengue Test by ILS Hospital - (Dum Dum)


ILS Hospital - (Dum Dum)
1, Mall Rd., Near Nager Bazar Flyover, Dum Dum
Area: Kolkata - 80

Dengue Test by Ohio Hospital


Ohio Hospital
Plot No. DG-6, Rajarhat, Newtown,
Area: Kolkata - 56

Dengue Test by Genesis Hospital


Genesis Hospital
1470, Rajdanga Main Rd., Near Narkel Bagan Bus Stop
Area: East Kolkata Township [Kolkata] - 07
033-2442-4242 | 9748770404

Dengue Test by CSA Medical Center


CSA Medical Center
Baisakhi iland, Sector II, Salt Lake City
Area: Salt Lake [Kolkata] - 91

Dengue Test by AMRI Hospitals (Gariahat)


AMRI Hospitals (Gariahat)
P4 and 5 C.I.T Scheme - Lxxi, Block - A Gariahat Rd., Kolkata, West Bengal
Area: Kolkata -
033-2461-2626 | -4002-5120

There are four basic tests used for testing dengue, CBC test, molecular test, antibody test and NS1 antigen test. First a CBC test is conducted to check your haemoglobin count, WBC count, RBC count, Hematocrit count and platelet count. Any changes to these numbers can cause various infections and disorders. Antibody testing includes two major antibodies namely Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Immunoglobulin M (IgM). These tests indicate whether or not you are infected with dengue. Molecular test is done to find the presence of dengue virus in your system. NS1 antigen test is used for rapid detection of dengue from the first day of fever. These tests are carried out on the blood samples of the patients. If you are reported positive for these tests, your doctor advices you to go for required treatments and medications.

During an endemic like dengue or malaria, you should be cautious. At such times, you can take many precautionary action for your well-being. If you observe any symptoms in your body that looks similar to that of dengue, you must take this test well before time. Early testing of this disease can be a life saviour.

You can find the closest diagnostic center for you looking at the above data provided for you. These are the best packages of each mentioned diagnostic center of Kolkata offering dengue test. You can select the best location for you according to your price budget.