Diabetes Test (HbA1c) Cost in Kolkata

Any irregularities in your blood can lead to diabetes. Diabetes is getting very common today. One can get diabetes at any stage of life as there is no age factor for this disease. Hence, HbA1c tests are conducted to measure the amount of blood sugar in your body. You are provided with various diagnostic centres in Kolkata that offer HbA1c test with their respective prices.

Following are the Diabetes Test (HbA1c) centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Kolkata.

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HbA1c Test

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Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Good Health Nursing Home


Good Health Nursing Home
4/1, NDB Rd., Amrabati
Area: VIP Nagar [Kolkata] - 00
033-2345-0025 | 9831039588

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Institute of Human Reproduction


Institute of Human Reproduction
47, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Lower Range, Beck Bagan
Area: Ballygunge [Kolkata] - 17
033-2290-4455 | 033-2290-4456

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Welkin Medicare


Welkin Medicare
Garia Station Rd.
Area: Garia [Kolkata] - 84

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Remedy Medical Services


Remedy Medical Services
2369, Garia Main Rd., Garia Station Rd.
Area: Garia [Kolkata] - 84

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by J M D Diagnostics


J M D Diagnostics
P 336, Scheme 6 M, C I T Rd., Kankurgachi, Near Phoolbagan Crossing
Area: Kadapara [Kolkata] - 54
033-2362-9338 | 033-3290-1688 | 9163669614 | 9433680403 | 9163669610 | 9163669611 | 9163669612

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Sterling Diagnostic Center


Sterling Diagnostic Center
19, Gnd. Flr., B T Rd., Near Chuni Babur Bazar, Cossipore
Area: Gangulipara [Kolkata] - 02
033-2532-0103 | 9836053631

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Lokenath Diagnostics


Lokenath Diagnostics
98, Near B K Paul Crossing, B K Paul Avenue
Area: Beniatola [Kolkata] - 05
033-2530-9887 | 033-2555-8032 | 9831020163

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Diemension Medicare Center


Diemension Medicare Center
8 A, Beside S S K M Hospital, Harish Mukherjee Rd.
Area: Sreepally [Kolkata] - 20
033-2223-2593 | 033-6532-2266 | 9831498158

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Nidan Clinical Lab Company


Nidan Clinical Lab Company
15 & 21, Dhakuria Kali Bari Lane, Near Dhakuria Kali Bari
Area: Dhakuria [Kolkata] - 31

Diabetes Test (HbA1c) by Sparsh Diagnostica


Sparsh Diagnostica
231/1, Near Usha Gate, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Rd.
Area: Naktala [Kolkata] - 47
033-2481-0337 | 033-2481-0346

Glycosylated molecules in your blood are formed when haemoglobin gets exposed to plasma glucose. Higher the level of glucose in your blood, higher the level of gylcoslated RBC that also increases the level of HbA1c. This test is most reliable to detect diabetes in a patient.

HbA1c test is also known as glycohemoglobin and glycated hemoglobin test. This test is most commonly required for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients.

HbA1c test requires a sample of your blood from your veins. It is not that painful procedure and it takes only few minutes to carry out this test. Patients do not require to fast before the test. One can resume their daily routine after the test.

You should take these tests from time to time in order to keep a track, whether your diabetes is under control. On the basis of your reports, your doctors will suggest you to follow certain steps as a part of your treatment to keep your diabetes under control.

Many hospitals that have a diabetes care clinics offer these tests. To lessen your work, we have provided you with all the necessary details you need about HbA1c test centres in Kolkata. Mentioned above are the prices of the test which can vary in numbers. You are allowed to select the best centre as per your choice and your required budget. We are looking forward for your valuable feedback.