MRI Test Price in India

MRI Test Prices in India

MRI scan is the most commonly heard radiological test ordered by doctors in many instances these days. As a patient, one must do his/her own homework well before going in for the test. It is always better to be well-informed rather than going inside the radiology center, clueless. If you are a patient scheduled for an MRI scan by your doctor or you have a family member prescribed to undergo this scan for health purposes, you are at the correct place.

There are many diagnostic centers and medical centers offering facility of MRI scan in different cities in India. Hereby compiled is a list of MRI scan packages available in India that are enough to help you understand about your health . This list will help you to locate the centers offering MRI scan nearest to you.

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MRI Test Cost in Top 7 Cities

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Doctors and medical centers offer a number of imaging modalities for diagnostic purposes and a better understanding of the person's medical condition. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is one of the imaging modality easily available and helpful to the doctor. This scanning modality makes use of magnetic waves for creating detailed images of the inner structural tissues of a human body. Radio waves produce high definition and superior quality images of the required organ. MRI scanning technique is put to use to gain details about minute information of the required organ which is not really possible using other study type.

Procedure of MRI Scan
During the scan, you will be asked to slide into a tube like machine which is actually a large scanner containing high-definition magnets. The scanner is linked to a computer which is kept in some other area of the hospital for keeping it away from the magnetic field. You have to remain inside from anything between 15-90 minutes depending on the length of the organ to be scanned. In some cases, a dye is given to the patient through an injection. It helps the radiologist see certain organ structures or tissues more clearly. It is very important that the patient remains absolutely still during the scan for better results.

MRI of Various Parts
MRI scans are ordered by doctors and surgeons for many different purposes. Few of them are as follows:

  1. Abdominal Scan - An abdominal MRI scan is ordered for scanning of the internal structure of the stomach. This test is done for checking the blood flow in the abdomen, the condition of blood vessels in the abdomen, determining cause of swelling or pain if any, lymph nodes in abdomen, pancreas, liver, kidneys etc.
  2. Arm MRI Scan - An Arm MRI is used for imaging organs on the upper and lower arms which may include elbows, fingers, joints, wrists and tissues in that region. Arm pain and a history of cancer, locking up of elbow or wrist joint, swelling of the elbow and wrist joints and many such reasons, alert the doctor to make you undergo an Arm MRI scan.
  3. Heart MRI - This type of MRI, scans the heart for detecting blockages and other anomalies related to the cardiac issues in a person. Congenital heart disease, damage to the heart muscle, heart valve disorders, inflammation and hence, weakening of the heart muscle are detected through this Heart MRI scan.
  4. Knee MRI - Usually, a knee MRI is ordered by your orthopedic surgeon when he wants to investigate your knee joints and tissues more closely for a better and precise diagnosis. A knee MRI may give the orthopedician an idea whether you have bone tumors, arthritis, broken bones or ligaments, inflammation in the knees or if you need a knee replacement surgery done.
  5. Head MRI - Radio-waves create images of your brain and surrounding tissue present in skull and nervous system. This MRI type gives the surgeon an idea for diagnosing a stroke condition, brain abscess, hearing loss, headaches, dementia and multiple sclerosis.
  6. Cervical MRI Scan - The cervical spine is pictured during this type of an MRI scan. Numbness in the neck and leg region, recurrent pain in neck and arms, is probably a wake up call for you to go in and get a cervical MRI scan done. Tumor of the spine, injury to the spine, congenital birth defect affecting the spine are few of the abnormalities possibly detected through cervical MRI Scan.
  7. Breast MRI Scan - This scan is ordered in conjunction with either mammography or an ultrasound in women. Recurrent breast cancer, cancerous growths in breasts, damaged breast implants etc. can be analysed post a breast MRI scan.

MRI scan is an absolutely harmless, highly precise and a very beneficial radiological test. Nevertheless, few points to be kept in mind are prolonged exposure to the radiological waves during scanning increases the body temperature artificially. So it should be avoided during first trimester of pregnancy. Implanted devices, pacemakers, artificial reconstructions, defibrillators etc. come in contact with the magnetic waves while scanning can cause implants to malfunction. Also, eyes come in contact with metallic fragments in magnetic waves could damage eyesight so taking care of eyes during scan is important. Medication patches at times sometimes can cause the patient's skin become red. Iron pigments in tattoos can give rise to skin irritation and reactions. If contrast agent is utilised for scanning, slight risk with regards to allergic reaction is a possibility. MRI contrast agents may lead to problems for patients suffering from some noteworthy kidney disease.

The above packages give you a rough idea about MRI scans available in different cities in India. These packages can be customized according to your needs and requirements. We have compiled the list for the ease of readers. So make an informed decision about the packages with our help. Your health is as precious to us as it is for you.