Dengue Test Cost in Pune

Dengue fever is transmitted by bite of dengue infected Aedes mosquito. When Aedes mosquito bites a person infected by dengue, the virus enters into the the body of mosquito and again when that infected mosquito bites a healthy person, the person gets infected by dengue. This is a viscous cycle. Dengue test is recommended by doctor to patients who are facing consistent symptoms of dengue. The test is available at almost all diagnostic centers and laboratories in Pune. We have enlisted below medical centers in Pune where dengue test is available. Other details such as price estimation and location of the medical centers has also been provided.

Following are the Dengue Test centers from most reputed pathology / radiology labs in Pune.

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Full Body Health Checkup
Master Health Checkup
Dengue Test by Medcis Labs [Pune]


Medcis Labs [Pune]

Area: Pune -

Dengue Test by Alpha Diagnostics


Alpha Diagnostics
Akshay Centre, First Flr., Next to Jayashree Hotel, Tilak Rd., Shukrawar Peth
Area: Pune Peth [Pune] - 02

Dengue Test by P H Diagnostic Center (Vadgaon)


P H Diagnostic Center (Vadgaon)
Sinhagad Rd., Hingne Khurd-Manik Baug, Below Prachiti Hospital Near Santosh
Area: Vadgaon [Pune] - 51
020-24228899 | 020-3022-1199 | 020-3267-3355 | 020-2435-7799

Dengue Test by Samarth Diagnostic Center (Chandan Nagar)


Samarth Diagnostic Center (Chandan Nagar)
52/1, Shriram Society, Pune Ngr. Rd., Chandan Ngr.
Area: Kharadi [Pune] - 14

Dengue Test by SRL Diagnostics (Shivajinagar)


SRL Diagnostics (Shivajinagar)
Kamala Acrcade Building, First floor, Opp. Bal Gandharva Natya Mandir, JM Rd.
Area: Shivaji Nagar [Pune] - 04

Dengue Test by SRL Diagnostic Collection Center Perfect Pathological Laboratories


SRL Diagnostic Collection Center Perfect Pathological Laboratories
Shop No.3 Commerce Avenue, Mahaganesh Colony, Above PNG Jwellers, Opp. Punyai Sabhagruh, Poud Rd.
Area: Kothrud [Pune] - 38

Dengue Test by Health Solution Pathalogy Labs


Health Solution Pathalogy Labs
Sr. No. 36/4, Shankar Ngr., Pathare Wasti
Area: Kharadi [Pune] - 14
9028521146 | 9527026690

Dengue Test by Health Plus


Health Plus
3rd Flr. Hermes Kunj, Behind Wadia College, Above Vodafone Store, Mangaldas Rd.
Area: Koregaon Park [Pune] - 01
020-6682-9856 | 020-3961-1133

Dengue Test by Parmar Multi Speciality Hospital And Maternity Home


Parmar Multi Speciality Hospital And Maternity Home
Plot No. 13, Survey No. 157, Parihar Chowk, DP Rd., Behind Polka Dots
Area: Aundh [Pune] - 07

Dengue Test by Global Hospital and Research Center (Sinhagad Road)


Global Hospital and Research Center (Sinhagad Road)
577/2, Near Dattawadi Police Chowky, off Sinhagad Rd., Dattawadi
Area: Swargate [Pune] - 30

Dengue fever can be diagnosed in early stages thanks to the symptoms revealed by the disease. If these symptoms are steady for more than 3 days, better consult with doctor for precise diagnosis. Here are few common symptoms exhibited by dengue:

Dengue testing includes Complete blood count (CBC) test for confirming diagnosis of dengue. Since, the symptoms of dengue are quite similar to that of malaria and typhoid fever, dengue test is performed to confirm the presence of disease causing pathogen. Additional tests like molar testing (easy tool for diagnosing genetic conditions) and NS1 antigen test may also be performed in combination to be 100 percent sure about disease.

Complete blood count (CBC) antibody testing: The test is a simple blood test and possesses no risks at all. CBC test provides information regarding count of white blood cells, red blood cells and total hemoglobin count.

Antigens, also called as immunogens, are proteins which combat hazardous effects produced by foreign bodies like viruses and bacteria. As a defense mechanism, two types of antibodies- Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Immunoglobulin M (IgM) are produced by the body to fight against virus causing dengue. Level of these antibodies in the blood help determine whether the person is infected with dengue or not. If the reports come positive about immunoglobin G, then dengue is confirmed. If test involving IgM comes out to be negative, it implies that person might have suffered from dengue before.

Dengue fever is not contagious. It spreads by the bite of infected mosquito. To avoid occurrence of dengue, it is important you stay away from areas where mosquitoes breed and multiply. Also, avoid storing water in damp places and give attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Cleanliness of surrounding areas where you reside is of supreme importance to prevent dengue.