Ultrasound Scan Price in India

Ultrasound Scan Prices in India
´╗┐Ultrasound scan procedure is performed using a device that makes use of high frequency sound waves to create images of internal parts of body. It is also called as diagnostic sonography, sonogram and ultrasonography. It is generally used to view internal structure of organs like heart, liver, kidneys, cardiac blood vessels etc. During pregnancy, ultrasound technique is used to examine growth and development of fetus inside the mothers womb.

The procedure of sonography is extremely safe and painless. It does not involve any sort of radiation therapy like in the case of X-ray and CT Scan. Technology used in ultrasound is quite similar to that of radar and sonar. High frequency sound waves are emitted and get reflected back when they strike against a surface.

Most of the diagnostic centers in India offer facility of ultrasound scan. Here is the list of medical centers across various cities in India that provide this facility at affordable prices.

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Ultrasound Scan Cost in Top 7 Cities

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  3. Kolkata Ultrasound Scan Prices
  4. Chennai Ultrasound Scan Prices
  5. Pune Ultrasound Scan Prices
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  7. Bengaluru Ultrasound Scan Prices

Why Ultrasound Scan?
People generally associate ultrasound with pregnancy checkups. Ultrasound does help during gestation period to monitor fetus development. However, it does have other uses and this therapy is used in several circumstances like:

  • Diagnose reason for pain and swelling of internal organs
  • To get detail and elaborate view of internal organs (spleen, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder, liver, ovaries, thyroid, testicles, blood vessels, uterus) structure
  • Useful in medical procedures such as biopsies
  • Ultrasound procedures are quite effective in detecting blood clots in veins ( deep venous thrombosis), blockage in artery (stenosis) and dilatation (aneurysms).
  • Technique is suitable for confirming presence of gallbladder stones
  • To diagnose testicular torsion
  • Useful in treating gynecological disorders like uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, lower abdominal pain, uterine growths and endometriosis
  • Imaging of thyroid glans can be done with the help of ultrasound to check for presence of nodules, tumors etc

Requirements for Ultrasound
Steps required to prepare for ultrasound procedure largely depend on the organ that is to be scanned. Some common steps to prepare for an ultrasound involve:

  • You may need to fast for at least 8-12 hours prior to ultrasound procedure. It is especially important in case of abdominal ultrasound. Undigested food in stomach may block sound waves that will eventually hamper the quality of image.
  • For liver, pancreas and gallbladder examination, it is recommended that you consume meal that is devoid of fats in the evening before the test and fast till procedure takes place. Though intake of food is restricted, water intake is not. You are allowed to drink lots of water before the procedure.
  • For ultrasound of bladder, doctor usually asks the patient to drink at least a liter of water and hold on urine for better visualization.
  • If you are taking over-the-counter medications or prescribed drugs or any supplements, it is better to inform doctor about it beforehand so that if the element is harmful, doctor can advice you to stop taking it before the procedure or suggest some other alternative.

Ultrasound Procedure
Before the procedure commences, you will be asked to change into hospital gown and lie down on an examination table. The part of the body on which ultrasound is to be performed is to be kept exposed. A special lubricating gel that will help in transmitting sound waves will be applied on the skin in order to avoid friction. Radiologist then makes use of transducer to obtain images on computer screen. Transducer is a device that looks quite similar to microphone and sends high frequency sound waves through the body. Sound waves echo when they hit against organ or bone and are reflected back to the computer. These sound waves are inaudible to human ear and help in producing image on screen. As per the movement of transducer, image of that respective internal part will be shown on screen. Technician may ask you to change your position to get clear picture and gain better access. Once the procedure is completed, gel will be wiped off from skin.

Ultrasound is a common procedure that is followed during pregnancy period. You can have ultrasound after 6-10 weeks of pregnancy to confirm due date. Ultrasound procedure during pregnancy gives heart-warning chance to parents to view the unborn before its birth. High frequency sound waves produced in this procedure, bounce off the baby and it helps in understanding the fetus shape, size and progress. Heartbeat can be heard and location of placenta can be understood. One can also know if there are twins. Sex of the baby can also be identified during this procedure. Note: Sex determination of baby before its birth is illegal in India.

Average time to carry out ultrasound scan is less than half an hour. One can immediately resume normal activities once the procedure gets completed.